CBT, Face Sitting, Foot Fetish — September 21, 2012 5:03 pm

Mistress Jennifer – Members Update – ‘Footprints’

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A 39 minute session that focuses on the perfect feet of Mistress Missy. Include CBT and a few pairs of moist sexy panties and you have the makings of a cruel but sensuous time for big slave david. Foot worship. Trample, CBT, face sitting and an exciting climax.

Tight blonde Mistress Missy is wearing nothing but a black bikini top, black thong and nasty black boots. She ties up slave david’s balls tight and climbs up on his chest so he can service Her boots. He licks the bottom clean as She rides on top of him enjoying his humiliation as he licks all of the leather sole and sucks the heels. Now its time to apply the high heels to his bound balls as She stands over him and jabs him in the balls and stomps the big swollen orbs. She takes off Her boots to reveal Her sweaty black socks. She peels the socks off and gives him a good sniff before stuffing them down his throat. With his mouth plugged, he is obliged to breathe through his nose and She puts the sweaty boots over his face so he can savor the pungent aroma of his Mistress.

Her beautiful tiny size 5.5 feet caress the sweaty socks in his mouth and pinch his nose closed. She pulls the socks out of his mouth and then he worships Her gorgeous feet one toe at a time. She sensuously strokes Her feet across his tongue as She perches on his chest. Foot worshipers delight! Then She is a bit harsher slapping his face with Her feet as we are treated to a view of the tops of Her perfect peds. She stands up and tramples him a bit and mixes that with foot worship, then slides down to kick him repeatedly in his swollen nut sack. She sits back down on his chest once more for more worship and then stands again for trample all over his body.

She stretches his balls and finishes stomping on him then a rare treat for him as She pivots and sets Her gorgeous ass down on his face. She has a thin red cane to punish his cock as he cannot just have Her pussy on his face without suffering. She needs to connect the two. The pussy on his face makes his cock stiff but She is caning his shaft to defeat to control his erection. She stands and ties twine around his cock head and strings it up tight to the ceiling and then canes it a bit before slipping off Her panties. She teases him with the panties, finally slipping them over his face so he can smell the wet area Her pussy has been. She moves to put on some new sexy white panties as he inhales Her essence. She picks up the violet wand and electrocutes his bound cock shaft as he sniffs Her panties.

Mistress Missy continues to zap his cock shaft as it is stretched straight up by the rope. This makes Her very excited. She removes the binding and picks up a vibrator and gets Herself off right over his face. She has put clothespins on his cock and he needs some stimulation so She briefly attaches the vacumn hose to his cock and then orders him to jerk himself off into a dish. To inspire him, She removes Her sexy white panties and lays those on top of the black ones already covering his face. She slips on another pair and face sits him. This produces the desired effect and he ejaculates almost immediately into the dish. She stand and orders him to open his mouth and then tips the entire load down his throat.