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Mistress Jennifer – Members Update – ‘Exercise in Domination’

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Exercise in Domination

Jade Indica works up a sweat for 58 minutes as slave spartacus does his best to keep up the pace. He begins with his face in Her gyrating ass cheeks as She walks on the treadmill and ends up drinking his own cum from the clear bowl, having been milked out like a cow. In between, he is treated to Mistress Jade’s exercise regime that involves lots of cock strikes, non-stop verbal humiliation, face sitting, face fucking and body worship.

Mistress Jade is working out on the treadmill. Her loyal submissive Spartacus has his nose between Her sweaty ass cheeks as She walks. Her gorgeous rear twitches around his face and She is talking to him almost non-stop, berating and humiliating him. He is made to lick the bottom of Her sneakers as She walks and She turns to thrust Her sweaty pussy into his face. Now for some knee raises and kicks. She orders him to stand legs far apart and hands on head. Her aim is true and She relentlessly hammers his cock and balls with strikes before ordering him down to the floor to taste the bottom of Her sneakers and be trampled on. She sits full weight on his chest, slapping his face and telling him he is a dog that will obey Her every command.

Mistress Jade has tied up spartacus’s cock and balls tightly with white twine. She stomps down on his swollen balls and uses Her sneakers to trample his cock. Slipping off Her shoes She has him suck and swallow Her sock covered feet. She sits on his face and then does some leg extensions on Her side as his face is buried in Her crotch, Her strong young thighs strangling him. She sits again full weight on his face and begins to punch and strike his balls. His legs jerk up and he twists but cannot escape captivity beneath Mistress Jade. She stands and begins to do some arm curls with the weights as he lays below Her spread legs looking up into Her crotch.

The arm curls have warmed Mistress Jade and Her skin shines with sweat. She orders Spartacus up and envelopes him in Her sweaty armpit to lick and suck on them. He is told he can have Her crusty panties if he does a good job. She wiggles out of Her shorts and panties, showing him the white crust of the crotch and explaining how Her boyfriend had left a present t in Her pussy that dripped out. She grind it across his teeth and makes him lick and suck before shoving them into his mouth. She leavns back and uses Her bare feet to kick him in the cock and wipe on his face before She ties up his balls in the now mouth rinsed panties and She orders him to lay beneath Her heels to start some body worship. He works his way up, licking from Her heels slowly back and forth Her legs all the way up to Her ass where he is told he must only sniff.

After having body worshipped from Her heels slowly working his tongue all the way up to Her ass, spartacus is quite eager to taste Her ass and She carefully instructs him how to lick and suck Her hole. Mistress Jade has Her hole fully serviced and then commands him to lay on his back, head on the stepper. She does some incredibly sexy and sultry face sitting, using his face as Her rag and using Her feet to play with his balls, still bound in Her used panties. She attaches a long dildo to his face and moves over top of him once again. She slowly fucks the dildo deeper and deeper until Her pussy is nice and wet. She orders him to fuck Her and he uses his neck muscles to make the dildo move as She uses the vibrator on Her clit and orgasms hard over his face. She moves to the table and has him slowly fuck Her steamy hot pussy hole.

Mistress Jade slips the big cock off the submissive’s face and slaps him repeatedly across the face before jamming it down his throat. He chokes and has has the cock poked into his eye for his troubles. Mistress Jade orders him up and he bends over the table and spreads his legs. She positions Herself much like he is a cow and She is the milkmaid. Her well manicured hands stroke his cock for a bit and then She punches him in the back of the balls, making him prance away from the table before he is moved back with the slapper spanking his ass. She continues a non-stop stream of verbal humiliation as She milks him until he is ready to ejaculate. Moving the clear bowl into place, Her coaxing hand produces jets of milky spew that splash down into the bowl. She continue to milk him for some time after he has finished, wanting to cause him as much discomfort in his now overly sensitive cock. She orders him to his back to sample his output from the bowl.