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Mistress Jennifer – Members Update – ‘Burning Need’

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Burning Need

Mistress Dia Zerva controls a submissive for 37 minutes who has a burning need to be used underneath Her. Her sharp heels find tender nipples as She sits in the toilet chair. She humiliates him beneath Her, applies candle wax and spanks it off his body and then queens him and orders tongue service from the helpless face under Her perfect ass.

The black straps are tight and wide and bind slave friendly tight. Mistress Dia does not want him to move around and She tests his bonds by stepping on him, stepping down on his throat hard She makes him mouth open like a garbage lid for Her. She squats and spits liberally into the open mouth. The air conditioning has given Her a runny nose and She empties that out into his mouth also, making him hold Her juices in his mouth as She beats him before being ordered to swallow. She moves the toilet chair over his face and sits down above him. She pins his nipples like butterflies under Her sharp high heels until She has his full attention and the pain is like a red cloud behind his eyes.

Perched over his face, Mistress Dia tells to envision Her piss all over his face as She plays with Her wet hole. She dips Her fingers into Her pussy and makes him try and reach Her wet hand, finally allowing him to suck the juice off. She spreads Her pussy lips wide and humiliates him. Producing a candle, She lights it and removes Her shoes. Now with Her hot, smelly, nylon covered feet on his face and in his mouth, the slave has his Goddess drip hot wax on his chest and belly. He sucks and worships Her feet as his Mistress delights in Her work.

The bound submissive gets some remaining hot wax and then Mistress Dia steps off the toilet chair, places the lit candle into his mouth and then steps up onto his chest. She rubs Her nylon covered feet on the wax, grinding it in to his body. He does his best to keep the candle from going out from his breath and fails. Moving to his side, Mistress Dia talks to Her captive and punishes him for blowing the candle out by spanking the wax off his chest and belly. Now he must beg to provide tongue service to Her pussy, moist from having hurt him. She squats over his face and uses him for Her pleasure.

Mistress Dia reached a strong hand down and choked slave friendly as She continued to ride his wet face. She orgasmed once and then turned and planted Her ass full weight on his face. He licked and sucked Her brown hole until She was thoroughly clean and then She knelt eye to eye and choked him some more before moving Her high heeled shoe over his face and masking it so he was smelling the inside as She rubbed his little clit stick hard. She rose again and straddled his feet, squatting, squeezing his neck and began to punch him hard in the chest over and over as Her pussy lips covered his mouth and he tried to squirm in his bonds.