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Mistress Jennifer – Members Update – ‘Balls of Steele’

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Balls of Steel

Mistress Ashley and Mistress Paris spend an incredible 68 minutes on some of the best CBT we have ever shot, as they torment cum slut tosha without mercy. Under their feet from moment one, his balls are harshly stomped, kicked and cropped before Paris fucks him bent over the desk while Ashley continues to kick his balls from the back. In the dungeon, his balls are strung up and hot waxed and then takes a brutal double beating before being milked out and fed.

Mistress Paris and Mistress Ashley were looking at Femdom porn at the desk as cum slut tosha lay below their feet. They ordered him to crawl out and began some high heel torment. Mistress Ashley began to thoroughly stomp his balls with some great ball kicking shoes as Her partner had him licking the bottom of Her high heels. Mistress Ashely sat on his face and began to slap his cock back and forth as Mistress Paris used Her shoe to stomp his cock and balls and stick the heel into his pee hole.

Mistress Ashley tries Her hand at cock and ball bondage and then and attaches many clothespins to tosha’s balls as Her partner works on his nipples with Her spikes. Ashley stands between his legs and attempts to kick the clothespins off his balls as Mistress Paris orders him to lick Her pussy. A crop is used to get the reluctant clothespins from his balls. The Ladies stand and, with tosha tied to the chair, simply kick and stomp the hell out of his balls. He tastes both their asses as he is thoroughly dominated.

Mistress Ashley and Mistress Paris finish stomping tosha’s balls and move him to bend over the desk where he is brutally spanked. Mistress Paris puts on a strap-on and he is compelled to suck it hard as Ashley beats him some more. Mistress Paris then fucks him non-stop up the ass while Mistress Ashley kicks his balls. This is some brutal fun by some gorgeous dominant women with tosha in quite a unique and vulnerable position. After taking considerable torment at the end of Mistress Paris’ strap-on, Mistress Ashley shove a giant dildo into his ass up to the balls.

The submissive’s ordeal continues as he is bound on his back, legs spread, with his balls strung up. Mistress Paris sits on his face in crotchless panties while Mistress Ashley lights a candle and hot waxes his bound cock and balls. Mistress Paris lends a hand and then takes over the candle as Mistress Ashley perches on his face and uses his tongue until She cums on his face with a huge orgasm.. The Ladies then begin a brutal beating as he stands spread on cinder blocks.

Mistress Ashley and Mistress Paris severely beat slut tosha as he stands spread eagled. One of the harshest scenes we have shot to date. Mistress Paris exchanges Her leather strap for a cane and Mistress Ashley grabs the paddle and starts to work on his cock. Paris canes his ass and then begins to strike him directly in the bottom of the balls as Her partner continues to whack away. If you are a fan of CBT, this clip is for you. Mistress Paris then clamps his balls and they take turns hold him by the balls and squeezing and spanking his nuts until he is screaming.

Mistress Ashley lashes his cock shaft down so the tip is sticking out and canes his cock head as Mistress Paris torments his nipples. Mistress Ashley then happily uses the violet wand on the back side of his glans to shock him as Mistress Paris looks on approvingly. Mistress Ashley begins to milk him as Paris uses the electric Viper to stimulate his sore shaft. He cannot hold back with Mistress Ashley’s talented hand milking him and She drains his jism into a small bowl and they feed him in a humiliating finale.