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Mistress Jennifer – ‘Loads of Fun’

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Loads of Fun

Observe 44 minutes of mayhem as the raven haired Mistress Jenna apply some twisted bisexual domination to two submissives. After face fucking the little one, She strings up the lean tattooed submissive, beats his ass harshly and then jerks him off into the mouth of Her kneeling pig of a slut. He gargles at Her orders for the camera and then is tied to the bondage chair for CBT and his tongue is used to clean the bottom of Her pumps before he is made to jerk off onto Her high heel and lick it up

The dark haired Mistress Jenna had strapped a red dildo to slave beagles face and was taking full advantage of it. Besides the strain on his neck, his balls were tied tight to the pillar behind him so every move forward yanked his purple balls harder. Mistress Jenna ordered slave ricky to assist Her in fucking the little one’s face and he steadied Her for each thrust. She unsnapped the dirty dildo from his face and he was made to lick and suck all Her juices off.She then ordered slave ricky to pull Her back slightly and made beagle inch forward to provide oral service in an attempt to tear his balls from his body.

Mistress Jenna shows slave ricky’s stiff cock to little salve beagle and informs him he will be gargling on what will come out when She extracts a load. She paddles ricky’s ass as slave beagle watches wide eyed on his knees. She moves to slave beagle and tells him beating ricky is making Her wet. She shoves Her pussy in his face to taste the juices then resumes corporeal punishment with a heavy leather flogger. Horny once more She has slave beagle clean Her ass and then sits on his face as She torments ricky’s stiff cock.

Mistress Jenna grinds Her pussy into slave beagle’s face below Her and roughly jerks and slaps the bound cock in front of Her. She moves behind the spread eagled slave and applies the wooden paddle, turning his ass bright red. She moves in front and commands slave beagle to move in and open his mouth wide. Her well manicured hand milks out a huge load into his mouth and face. ‘Now show them and gargle it’, She commands as he obeys Her orders instantly to please Her.

With slave beagle fastened securely in the bondage chair, Mistress Jenna applies the sparking red tip of the violet wand to his cock and balls. She torments him with Her black spiked heels in between bursts of electricity into his manhood, stepping down harshly, spiking his balls and verbally scaring him with how She will puncture them with Her high heel. She moves up and face sits him, making him tongue Her deep and hard. After he tongue cleans Her asshole, She walks over and gets a roll of toilet paper, wipes Her ass a number of times and deposits them into his open mouth. After this humiliation he tongue cleans the bottoms of Her shoes.

Mistress Jenna applies the vibrator to the little bound submissive, increasing the size of the load that will be forthcoming. She sets him to his knees to worship Her high heels and directs him with the crop to kiss and lick them while he jerks his cock for Her amusement. He licks and sucks Her shoes and then She applies his sucking mouth to Her cunt hole. This proves too exciting for him and he begs to cum. With permission he uncorks a huge load out of his semi-hard cock onto the top of Her high heel. Down in front of Her he cleans up his mess while She masturbates softly, pleased with his performance.