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Mistress Jennifer – ‘Humbled Hurt & Milked’

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Humbled, Hurt & Milked

Savor 51 minutes of action as Mistress Victoria and Mistress Lia double team submissive cucky. These two may look wholesome but they bring on the pain and humiliation as cucky endures these sexy blondes punishing his manhood as he stands in spread legged bondage. He is made to dance and perform deep ass worship before being brought into the other room and put into strict bondage on his back. He is used as a spittoon after nipple torment and CBT with the violet wand and then completely drained out onto Mistress Victoria’s black boots by Mistress Lia’s milking hand.

Mistress Victoria and Mistress Lia are doing a bit of girl talk as they read about chatized males in a magazine. The laugh and compare cocks they have seen to the ones chatized in the pictures and then talk to the viewer directly about how small and worthless is your puny cock and balls. Submissive cucky crawls into the room and Mistress Victoria pisses directly in front of his face as Mistress Lia straddles his back. They make him smell it and humiliate him with the juice. He is made to stand spread legged in front of them and they kick and abuse his cock and balls. He is made to do a most humiliating dance for their pleasure.

Bondage and harsher treatment as Mistress Victoria restrains him while Mistress Lia removes a high heeled shoe and makes him smell. She ties it to his face and they sit down to torment his cock and balls. His legs are wide apart in the spreader bar as they tightly bind his ball sack. He is kicked and cock slapped by both women. They laugh and the verbal humiliation is non stop. Two large, heavy ball weights are attached and his nuts are pulled down for more abuse.

The Ladies decide to threaten cucky with castration. Mistress Victoria uses plastic snapping jaws on his balls and he is in agony. Mistress Lia threatens to cut the tip of his penis off and uses a sharp jawed clamp as Mistress Victoria flicks the head. The make him pledge to take double the cock abuse for a bit of ass worship and he is rewarded by an intense ass cleaning session of Mistress Lia. Mistress Victoria supervises and controls his head and then kicks his ass as he sucks on the savory bunghole of Mistress Lia. In a final humiliation, Mistress Victoria squats over the vase again and pees in front of his face as Mistress Lia watches and laughs.

In strict, spread eagled bondage, submissive cucky has these two beautiful blonde Mistresses focus on breaking him completely. Mistress Victoria uses the violet wand as Mistress Lia applies Her ass to his face. Large amounts of nipple torment and a constant stream of verbal humiliation plus great points of view from below his stiff cock and red swollen balls. The two topless evil Ladies delight in his cries of agony and it spurs them on to use him even more for their amusement. The double blonde dominance of this clip is not to be missed.

Mistress Lia lights a cigarette and Mistress Victoria inserts the metal dental dam into cucky’s mouth and cranks it wide open. She decides to use him as Her spittoon, dripping long strings of saliva into his open mouth. Mistress Lia flicks ashes into his mouth and puts Her cigarette out on his tongue. The two blond bombshells then proceed to wax his cock and balls. Mistress Victoria holds the cock head in the vice and Mistress Lia expertly scalds the tip and balls with red wax. They laugh as he cries out.. The two topless blondes hover over him and Mistress Lia expertly milks hiis sore abused cock shaft as Mistress Victoria teases him with Her pussy. She moves around between his legs and Mistress Lia jerks huge jets of cum out of his cock hole onto Her boot.