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Mistress Jennifer & Friends – Members Update – Straight Jacketed Jerk

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Straight Jacket Jerk

Mistress Dia has slave sean in a straight jacket. Her big strap-on dangles obscenely between Her muscular thighs and he is staring right at the tip. She holds his head and tells him to open his lips then jams Her cock down his throat and tells him to start sucking. He sucks and gags and gurgles while She makes him eat Her rubber cock. After She is satisfied his mouth has been thoroughly fucked She pulls him to his feet and bends him over, slapping and tugging on his cock and balls all the while. Her big strap-on moves up and into his hole as She plants Her high heeled boots and thrusts.

The straight jacketed slut is taking the full length of Mistress Dia’s big rubber cock as he swings back hard on it and She buries it up to the balls in his ass. She pulls it out of his gaping bung hole and moves in front of him to put the gas mask on, promising him a little piece of shit in the mask later for him to sniff and savor. Then She returns to fucking his ass this time with a wooden cane to give him an extra zing of pain with the big dick up his ass.

Mistress Dia finishes buggering the straight jacketed jerk and decides it is time for his milking. Standing upright and rigid he looks down through his gas mask as Her well manicured hand starts to milk his stiff dick. She stops and starts and squeezes and tugs then  stands to move the tray in front of him him, placing the silver dog bowl on it for his offering. She squeezes and enormous load of cum from his balls and after he heaves his last smashes the cum filled dog dish into his face and grinds it about before putting it on his head like a crown.