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Mistress Jennifer & Friends – Members Update – One More Time

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One More Time

Join Mistress Lydia for one last round of punishment for slave woody. She spends 52 minutes of quality time making sure he knows who is in charge. She lashes him over the kneeler and feeds him a taste of the bottom of Her mules. Shrugging off the dress, She moves back to his bung hole and fingers then fucks it with Her strap-on. She drills his hole out a bit and then fastens him to his back for cock play. Down his cock hole goes the vibrating sound. His balls are milked fully dry and he is fed his own seed by a topless Mistress Lydia to conclude his training.

We open on Mistress Lydia in a short silky dress, thigh highs and mules on Her feet. She is lashing slave woody over the kneeler. She gets the big submissive tightened down and makes him clean the bottom of Her mules and smell the instep. Knee sock covered feet go into his face for worship. She moves behind and warms up his ass with Her perfectly manicured hand then uses the red whip on his ass. She gloves up and lubes up his behind. Her fingers work on his prostate as She makes sure his sphincter relaxes for the coming fun.

The helpless asshole is stretched and probed by Mistress Lydia’s skilled hands. She takes a flesh colored rubber cock and works that into the hole. She moves it around and fucks him with it as he groans. His hips twitch and he pushes back on the cock, signaling Mistress Lydia it is time to put Her strap-on on and bury Her rubber cock in the ass of Her slave. She fucks him as Her beautiful breasts bob deliciously and his groans are music to Her ears as She loves dominating big, strong, powerful men like the one at the tip of Her strap-on. She disengages finally and then resumes Her attention on his bung hole by employing the drilldo to drill out his freshly fucked sphincter.

Mistress Lydia finishes drilling out slave woody’s sphincter, laughing and happy that his brown hole is thoroughly stretched and tormented. She has him on his back now bound securely in plastic. She blows up an inflatable gag in his mouth and spits down the feeding tube, making him swallow long strands of Her saliva. She casually lights a cigarette as She works on him, blowing smoke down his feeding hole. She removes Her top and razors open his plastic to reveal his super sensitive nipples. She fastens clover clamps on and turns the middle screw until they are pulling quite nicely on his nips. She moves down to tie up his big balls as She watches him suffer from the clamps.

Mistress Lydia secured his tied balls down to the end of the table with twine and sucked his big cock hard. Time for some stimulation while his throbbing nipple recovered from the clamps. She used a vibrating cone on his cockhead and dropped Her beautiful ass on his face. His cock was stiff and trembling from Her oral ministrations and the vibrator as She sat on his chest and lubed up the vibrating dipstick that was about to go down his wet cock hole. Swinging a leg off, Mistress Lydia retrieved some hot ointment and spread some on his balls. She blew on them and he started to moan as the chemical began to burn his balls. Happy his balls were suffering, She moved to inject the sound down his urethra.

The vibrating sound that was down his cock was moving up and down as Mistress Lydia smiled and watched it penetrate his pee hole. She dropped it all the way down, rubbing his shaft every so often to keep him stiff. She glanced at him and saw the agony and ecstacy on his face and swung a leg up over him, dropping Her gorgeous ass on his face. Only a thin layer of panties separated his nose from Her pussy. She fucked his cock with the metal vibrating rod until he was very close to ejaculating. Stopping, She moved off him to get a small glass dish. She massaged his cock until he started to moan and then slipped off Her pink bra to give him an eyeful of Her perfect breasts for incentive. Her hand started again and he could not control himself, begging to be allowed release. She ordered him to cum and milked his balls dry into the glass container. Moving to insert the funnel gag, She gave him a taste of his own seed.