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Mistress Jennifer & Friends – Members Update – ‘Give Him More’

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Give Him More

Take a spin for 80 minutes as Mistress Autumn debuts with Mistress Lia to put the big squeeze on cum slut tosha. The Ladies have some new suspension tricks up their sleeves and some predicament bondage is just the tonic for their wet pussies and punishing hands. Lots of pussy worship, CBT, strap-on and tons of humiliation as these two vixens show no mercy to their willing victim.

Mistress Lia and Mistress Autumn introduce themselves as tosha lays at their feet. Mistress Lia orders him to clean the bottom of Her high heels as Mistress Autumn encourages him with the crop. He can’t seem to tongue well enough and has his balls beaten by Mistress Autumn. The Ladies change places and Mistress Lia kicks him harshly in the back of the balls as he services Mistress Autumn’s feet.

The Ladies lock tosha’s hands behind his back and stand over him. They take turns spitting into their open mouthed submissive and Mistress Lia attaches nipple clamps. Mistress Autumn slaps his face repeatedly. They take turns humping his face with their bare pussies, jamming them in his face and humiliating him. Mistress Lia puts a leg up on the bench and Mistress Autumn commands tosha to stick out his tongue. She holds his head and guides his tongue in and out of Mistress Lia’s asshole.

Mistress Autumn decides it is Her turn for some ass worship and positions Herself. Mistress Lia uses tosha’s face to clean Her thoroughly. She kicks him in the back of the balls periodically to encourage him. The Ladies string tosha up by his leather head harness with elbows and hands bound behind him. He is helpless as the Ladies take turns whipping and kicking his dangling cock. Mistress Autumn lights a candle and Mistress Lia hold his cock head for Her as they hot wax the head of his prick.

The Ladies finish hot waxing the head of tosha’s cock. They decide to slap the wax off and he takes many harsh blows to his cock until all the wax is off. They continue to slap and kick his cock solely for their amusement as he is moaning quite loudly. Next scene a topless Mistress Autumn is having Her boots worshipped. She stands and tosha orally services Her strap-on. She lubes it and begins to fuck him from behind.

Standing tall in Her thigh high black boots, Mistress Autumn continues to fuck tosha. Her perfect breasts jiggle as She begins to paddle him as She thrusts. She talks softly to him, making him beg for more. She seats Herself and manually inserts a large dildo into his ass while paddling him some more. She squeezes his balls as his ass swallows the dildo in Her other hand and continues to drills him fast and deep. Mistress Lia rejoins Her partner as the Ladies now have tosha on his back with feet strung up in the winch

Mistress Autumn decides to use tosha’s face for pleasure. Mistress Lia canes him from behind as he is obliged to lick Her pussy grinding on his face. This results in a tremendous orgasm for Mistress Autumn and Mistress Lia decides She needs some tongue. Mistress Autumn canes him and Mistress Lia enjoys a face ride and crotch cleaning at the expense of the helpless submissive. Mistress Autumn climbs back on his face and grinds Her wet pussy on his face again.

Mistress Autumn finishes soiling tosha’s face with Her wet pussy and Mistress Lia takes a turn while Mistress Autumn canes his ass. The Ladies decide to milk him out and are excited that his position means he will cum on his own face. Mistress Lia’s well manicured hands stroke the abused cock as Mistress Autumn toys with his nipples, spits into his mouth and talks softly to him. The submissive gets quite aroused and Mistress Autumn puts the metal dental dam in his mouth to hold his jaws wide open. She takes his cock from Mistress Lia and a few strokes later, the cock shoots jets of cum. Mistress Lia scoops cum that missed his mouth from his chest and feeds him as Mistress Autumn continues to jerk his cock.