CBT, Face Sitting, Foot Fetish, High Heels, Humiliation — March 4, 2013 12:50 pm

Mistress Jennifer & Friends – ‘Blonde Ball Breakers 3’

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Watch 45 minutes of double blonde ball tormenting fun as one lucky big balled slave gets double teamed by Mistresses Ariel and Summer. Exciting non-stop action with smoking, spitting, violet wand, tight ball bondage, face fucking, oral service, rubber gloved face slapping and more are delivered by two super sexy and sadistic blondes.

Spread eagled slave with big balls is set apon by two blondes. One is Mistress Ariel, 28 years old and super sadistic, and the other is Mistress Summer, 21 years old and an avid learner and gorgeous sadist Herself. They immediately go after his helpless balls and crop them hard. Mistress Summer moves to ball gag him and then resumes beating his balls while Her partner holds them tight. Mistress Ariel ties up his balls and strings them down tight to the spreader bar and then they fire knees into his swollen sack and both whip his nuts together. They have a great deal of fun watching him dance as his balls are whipped and then Mistress Ariel moves to untie his sack.

Mistress Summer hands Her the humbler and cut to them lighting up cigarettes. The slave is moaning softly as he knows what is in store as both drag on their cigarettes and make the tips glow amber. They blow smoke in his face and then it is time to test his nerves as they threaten him with their cigarettes. Mistress Summer picks up the violet wand and shocks his balls as Mistress Ariel threatens to burn him with Her cigarette. Mistress Ariel releases the slave and decides She needs to relieve Herself. He then provides tongue service to Her pussy from his knees.

The slave licks and tongues Mistress Ariel’s gaping pussy as Mistress Summer holds his head. Mistress Ariel has Her legs splayed wide and good point of view from under Her pussy as She looks down and instructs him on proper tongue service. Mistress Summer puts on a pair of long black rubber gloves and the slave is turned for face slapping and humiliation. She lightly kicks his balls as Mistress Ariel torments him from behind. They insert a deep O-ring gag in his mouth and attach a black funnel. Down on his back he goes and Mistress Summer demonstrates Her spitting skills, dripping load after load into the funnel for him to consume as they watch.

Mistress Summer finishes spitting in Her human spittoon and Mistress Ariel grabs him and puts the face dildo on him. She pins him to the floor under Her, moves up over his face and drops down on the dildo until Her pussy is on Her face and the cock is buried inside Her. She takes off Her shoe and puts it over his nose and begins to fuck his face. Mistress Summer stands above him leaning in to spike him and spit on him. Mistress Summer makes him fuck Her with his face as Mistress Summer moves in position and gets a good view. Mistress Ariel removes the face dildo, makes him lick Her cum off it and slaps his face around with the cock. The move him to his back and sit over him, their sweaty feet in his mouth. Hot POV of them with sexual and sensuous foot worship as counterpoint to the hard ball punishment.