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Way Too Hot 2

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 Way Too Hot 2

A 61 minute exercise in gorgeous blonde domination as the photo model beautiful Mistress Autumn shows slave squirrel balls who is the boss. He is in the chair as the leggy blonde has him by the humbler attached to his balls. She spoon feeds him pussy juice and gives him a dose of CBT and nipple torment before he is used as a tongue slave on both Her succulent holes. He turns boot slave and is then locked in the stocks for a whipping and his monthly milking. He spews on Her boot and She uses Her panties to wipe it up and then gags him with it at the end.

Mistress Autumn resplendent in red has slave squirrel balls totally bound to Her new chair and helpless. She starts to finger poke his cock and balls. Her long blonde hair grazes his cock as She grabs the humbler attached to his balls and tries to pull his balls from his body. Poking and teasing the trapped cock, She laughs in his face. Moving to get the forceps She teases, twists and tugs on his sensitive nipples making him shout. She applies the nipple clamps and pulls and he screams in pain but cannot take his eyes from the beautiful blonde model who is torturing him. She takes a black spoon and scoops up juice from Her pussy, wet from his screams, and feeds it to him.

Mistress Autumn continues to scoop tasty morsels of pussy juice from Her hole and spoon feed the nipple clamped submissive locked in the chair. She tells him if he is good and takes some electrical into his balls he may be allowed to taste Her ass and pussy. She produces four electrodes and attaches two to his nuts and two to the inside of his thighs and turns on the juice. Happy with his suffering She pulls on his nipple clamps and humbler and slowly turns the TENS unit up to full power. Removing the device She ties his cock head up tight and strings it up to his posture collar and begins to whip his exposed balls.

The gorgeous blonde pinup Dominatrix continues to whip the bound slave’s balls while seated between is legs. She rises after a particularly harsh set of strokes and give him time to recover as he worships Her breasts and sucks Her perfect nipples like a baby. She whips his balls some more and allows him to breast worship several times in rotation before seating Herself and bringing Her spiked heels up to inflict some high heel torture on his cock and balls. She compresses his cock with Her foot and jabs wickedly into his balls with the razor sharp spiked heel. Next view She has released him and has him on his knees, hands cuffed behind. She presents Her perfect asshole and tells him to lick every crevice. He begins his task happily and tongues the hole in front of his face.

Mistress Autumn guides Her tongue slut through more ass worship. He stiffens his tongue and face fucks Her with it as She grabs the back of his head and drives him in deep. Several minutes later She turns and tells him She will be instructing him on how to best lick Her pussy to orgasm. She explains he must lick from bottom to top very gently. He begins and She has him lick and suck Her until She starts to moan and get very wet. She continually pushes his head back which teases him and makes Her more sensitive. Some of the best pussy worship and tongue service we have ever shot is contained in this clip as Mistress Autumn gets wetter and wetter using Her tongue slave for Her pleasure.

Mistress Autumn orgasms over and over as Her tongue slave is guided in and out of Her pussy and controlled at the head. With his hands behind his back and a photo model Dominatrix’s wet pussy in his face he is in heaven and so is She. She finishes with a big orgasm and then has him slowly lick Her very sensitive pussy lips up and down to conclude our best pussy worship scene ever. Now in a different outfit and shiny black boots, Mistress Autumn orders Her slave to lick the boots and then uses them to kick his ass over and over as he is locked in the standing stocks.

Mistress Autumn stands tall in her black boots and quickly fastens a dozen clothespins up the sides of Her standing slut. She bends low in front of him and displays Her ass and tells him now he will take more pain in his nipples for Her. She attaches the nipple clamps and pulls on them to make him scream. She stares him straight in the eye and removes Her bra and allows him a bit of breast worship and then whips his ass soundly. She tells him it is time for his monthly milking and She will get all the poisen from his balls out and he is to ejaculate onto Her black boot. His swollen balls, locked in a cock ring, are ready to burst, She removes Her red panties and She gently strokes his cock and stops several times before commanding him to cum. He shoots an enormous load, most of it stays on her boot. She keeps milking long after he has cum to make him suffer and then wipes the load from his boot with Her panties and stuffs them into his mouth.