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Mistress Jennifer and Friends – Members Update – ‘Raging Hard’

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Raging Hard

Mistress Jade Indica tests a new slave by strapping him to Her table and subjecting him to intense face sitting and CBT for 40 minutes. The big submissive passes with flying colors after suffering at Her hands, taking a foot beating and nipple torment as well as deep smother. She rewards him with some oral action and then milks his balls dry. He is ordered to eat his huge load from Her breasts.

Mistress Jade Indica strolls in on Her eight inch heels to find the new slave strapped to the table, waiting on his first testing. He is new but She likes what She sees and quickly moves to exam his big cock. She bites it and it grows stiff much to Her amusement. She moves over his face and treats him to a look at Her pussy and then uses him for tongue service. Turning She plants Her firm ass over his face after removing Her panties. How long can he hold his breathe?

The submissive has Mistress Jade rotating on his face and now is ordered to swallow all of Her pussy and suck. She turns again and spreads wide and now he must stick his tongue out as far as possible so She can fuck Her puckered asshole on it. She cums quickly, proving his worth as a first timer and She tells him now She must apply the nipple clamps as punishment for his tongue pleasure. She slaps his cock back and forth and then allows him some breast worship. She climbs back on his face and grinds away until She orgasms once more

Fetching a short cane, Mistress Jade beats the feet of Her new submissive, testing his ability to withstand pain. He takes the punishment well and She turns Her attention to his big cock and swollen balls. She claws them with Her well manicured hands and then bites hard. She produces a length of purple twine and expertly ties them tight, bisecting his big swollen balls. She sucks him hard, getting his cock sloppy wet with Her saliva and then turns and applies the violet wand. His wet cock conducts the electricity well and he groans as She zaps him. The spreader bar holding his legs apart and the ropes holding him down insure he will not go anywhere as She turns up the juice.

The violet wands sparks on  his wet cock and balls, making him shudder and squawk as Mistress Jade’s talented mouth licks and sucks his cock and balls, making him crazy with desire and his cock wet to conduct the electricity. She positions Herself so She has Her black patent leather 8” spike over his face and tells him to kiss and lick it. She reminds him this is his first time and he is to ask permission to ejaculate and will be judged on the size of his load. She strokes and squeezes until he cannot take any more. He is thrashing and begging and She give him the go ahead. He squirts a huge load on Her breasts and She continues until he drained. Moving over him he is made to eat his entire load, his mouth is thick with white cum as She moves back to his cock and strokes and punches the sensitive organ.