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Mistress Jennifer and Friends – Members Update – ‘Professors Punishment’

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Professors Punishment

Spend 35 minutes with Mistress Alexis as She torments Her professor who has given Her a bad school grade. She teaches him the Femdom way that he must listen to his Mistress as he talks back to Her and his cock pays the price. He is smothered under Her glorious pussy hole after She has teased and tormented his cock until it is bruised and useless.

Mistress Alexis has Her professor in for a session. He is fastened in the CBT chair with his cock and balls sticking out and helpless. She starts a classic tease and torture session by asking him about the bad grade he gave Her. He does not seem to be with the program so She takes a thin crop to the back of his cock head, hitting him over and over and over. Her panties are soaked from torturing his cock head and She takes them off and pushes them into his mouth for him to suck the juices. She fingers Herself to orgasm and then orally teases his cock before punishing it again. She leans back and Her long legs stretch out to grind the cock under Her high heels. She sucks it hard then slaps and crushes it flat again until he is in agony.

Now this guy is getting the idea it is not smart to talk back to Mistress Alexis as She grinds his cock into the wood under Her high heels. She goes back to caning the back of his cock head and the look on Her face shows She enjoys making him suffer. She squeezes the cock in one hand and canes him over and over right on the back of the cock head. She moves to fasten nipple clamps on the tips of his nipples and then strings the clamps together and down to his battered dick. She sucks and orally teases him so he is able to take the suffering. She drops Her top low to expose Her breasts and teases him with Her mouth. He can now take a lot of pain as She ties a rope around the head of his dick and stretches it out tight. She spits in his face and concentrates on some hard CBT, enjoying hurting a cock for Her pleasure. His cock head gets raw and bruised and starts to turn purple as She enjoys Herself.

Mistress Alexis has his cock roped by the head and is stretching it out like taffy. She stomps it a bit more under Her high heel, Her long leg as sexy as the smile on Her face She has from his agony. Now it is time to humiliate Her teacher and She makes him humbled in an intimate manner. He then finds himself on his back bound to the bench and She begins on top of him teasing him with Her pussy and sitting on his face. She works on his cock with Her talented mouth but he is having trouble getting hard from all the abuse She has give his dick. That is no matter to Her as She climbs up on his face and queens him. She applies deep smother until he can take no more, finally letting him get some air. He is subjected to keep smother until he is close to passing out under Her pussy. She truly enjoys tormenting this male and laughs as he suffers.