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Mistress Jennifer and Friends – Members Update – ‘Bad Things Happen’

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Bad Things Happen

Spend 50 minutes with dark haired Mistress Danielle as She turns tosha into Her own personal lab experiment. He is locked tight in the metal frame as She tests his balls with electricity before taking him from behind with Her strap-on. He serves as a tongue slave next and then is fixed standing stretched out. Corporeal punishment then a milking into the silver dog bowl is in line for him now.

Nurse Danielle explains to the camera how the patient came to be fastened before and what he is for. He is to serve as Her experiment and She focuses Her attention on his brown puckered hole. She spanks his ass a bit to loosen his cheeks then examines his hole with Her fingers. Next a silver speculum is inserted and hold his hole open for closer inspection. She give him a prostate massage which makes him moan. She produces a huge dildo and shoves it in up to the rubber balls. Grasping his big stiff cock, She reams out his hole with the enormous rubber cock.

The loose asshole pleases Her as She finishes ramming the huge rubber cock in and out. The bound slave’s exposed balls are treated to the violet wand. His puckered sphincter comes in for some zapping as well. Mistress Danielle’s shiny black heels hold the giant rubber cock deep in his ass as She works the wand. She removes Her top to reveal perfect natural breasts and a strap-on. Kneeling behind him She moves to insert Her cock and commences to fuck him.

Mistress Danielle rode the immobilized slut hard from the back, Her grey rubber cock driving deep into his puckered asshole. He had been thoroughly opened and was well lubed so She plowed right on hard. Reaching for the paddle, She rocked back and forth in him on Her high heels and beat his ass. She calmly explained what She was doing to test his ass and smiled for the camera, Her natural breasts shaking back and forth as Her long legs planted and Her hips drove in deep.

Standing tall in Her black high heels, Mistress Danielle whipped tosha with a heavy red whip as he knelt. She bid him crawl to Her and he provided some deep tongue service and clit licking. She moves to Her knees and he serviced Her puckered asshole, licking it completely clean. She next had him standing, arms up and legs spread by the bar. She employed the slapper to develop welts on his backside.

Moving from the slapper to the hard wooden paddle, Mistress Danielle beats tosha’s ass a ripe red. Her fingers claw him and then She moves in front to focus on his cock and balls. He is swollen from his prostate massage and She fastens a clover clamp on the back of his cock head and then clamps his nipples tight. She nearly tears his nipples off which makes his cock start to ooze. He begs to cum and then ejaculates into the silver dog dish without permission. She squeezes every drop out and then feeds him his poison.