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Mika’s Bitch

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Mika’s Bitch

Spread wide for 68 minutes of  blonde bitchy Femdom humiliation with Mistress Mika as She teases and tantalizes cum slut tosha until he has blue balls and then impales him on the end of Her strap-on.. Continuous flaunting of Her pussy in his face while he is helpless drives tosha mad with lust. Her foot on his balls and heavy use of the crop help keep him straight.

Mistress Mika, in jeans skirt and black patent pumps, drools spit onto the floor in front of a hog tied cum slut tosha. She orders him to wiggle, find and lick Her spit off the floor. She then spits on Her high heel and has him perform shoe service. The bound slut struggles and humiliates himself at Her feet. She moves behind him and shoves a pig tailed dildo up his ass and then sits back down for some more amusement at his expense. Released from his hog tie, he is tied up with pantyhose by Mistress Mika.

Mistress Mika has tosha perform foot worship and then She fills his nostrils with the smell of Her sweaty high heels before wiggling out of Her jeans skirt to reveal crotchless pantyhose and having him kiss Her ass. She spanks his face with Her black high heels and tells him what a dirty pervert he is down deep. He is tossed on the bed and trampled up and down.

Mistress Mika stomps tosha’s cock, removes Her bikini top and tramples Her submissive up and down in Her crotchless pantyhose. She drives him absolutely crazy with lust by teasing him with Her pussy. She talks softly to him throughout about how She must smell to him, with Her pussy only an inch from his face. Next he is bound to the bench, head on the couch and She applies some breathe control as She sits above him.

With his cock stiff and trapped in pantyhose, cum slut tosha is subjected to intense foot play as Mistress Mika makes him worship Her stocking clad toes, pausing every so often to tease his cock. She moves Her pussy over his face and gets Herself off with a vibrator as he lays helplessly watching below. She teases him with Her wet pussy after She comes and then uses Her feet on his face and mouth. She sits on his chest and strokes and kicks his cock.

Mistress Mika finishes foot torment of tosha’s cock and produces a long yellow dildo. She inserts one end into his mouth and impales Herself on the other. He tries to bite down as She fucks the dildo, only to choke on it as She fucks Herself. She turns and fucks the dildo some more before playing with Her pussy again over his face. Next scene, tosha is made to suck Her strap-on and She enters his ass to begin fucking him.

True blond feminine brutality as Mistress Mika, now in possession of a black crop, beats and fucks cum slut tosha mercilessly. Her petite breasts bobble as She stands tall in Her high heels and drills him deep and hard. The whip cracks down over and over. Good point of view shots from below as the fucking never stops. She pulls out and removes Her high heels. He worships Her feet and then is made to kiss the tip of the dick that fucked him.

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