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Members Update – Pantyhose Supremacy – ‘Swing Sadist’

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Pantyhose Supremacy Dominatrix Party

Swing Sadist

Swing into a 35 minute session with Jade Indica as She sits on Her perch and beckons you to come watch the panel in Her pantyhose get wet from Her juices. Then underfoot is slave cucky and She mistreats his balls with Her high heels. She takes off the shoes and Her nylon clad feet go to work. Lots of pantyhose clad face sitting, CBT, foot humiliation and, of course, large doses of non-stop verbal humiliation as Mistress Jade eventually gets round to milking out the juice from the tired submissive’s sore balls.

Mistress Jade sits up high so you have a clear view from between Her legs. She delivers some great point-of-view aimed directly at the wanker watching. Her filthy talk soon gives way as slave cucky lays unders Her heels now. His cock is now the focus of Her attention and She applies Her spiked heels to his balls as She jacks him with the soles. Off come Her shoes and Her nylon covered feet work his cock and balls and then go to his face. She dismounts and Her pantyhose covered crotch and ass are applied to his face as the verbal humiliation continues unabated.

The flat wooden slapper Mistress Jade was using on slave cucky’s balls made him roar into Her pantyhose clad ass that was perched on his face. Bound on his back, all he could do was try to sit up as his balls got punished but his face was flattened against the bench by Her ass. She had wrapped a spare paid of pantyhose in his mouth and one held his head to the bench. Her feet and ass teased and tormented. She sat on his cock and dry humped him until he was hard and then bound his balls up tight and strung them to the swing. Mistress Jade loved CBT on bound balls.

Mistress Jade used Her manicured nails to dig into slave cucky’s cock and balls. She inserted her fingertip into the tip of his cock and ran it around the hole. She walked around him pausing to sit on his face or dip a pantyhose toe into his mouth as She verbally humiliated him without mercy. She told the tired slave it was time for Her to extract the cum from his balls and sat down on his legs and extended Her feet into the camera. She talked directly to the audience and was interrupted as the slave pleased with Her to cum. She smacked his cock and finished Her dialogue and then Her milking manicured hand squeezed a huge load of cum from his tortured balls.