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Members Update – Pantyhose Supremacy – ‘Nylon Neighbor’

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Oh joy a young Jade Indica. So beautiful and so sadistic. She cares nothing for the slaves. Only enjoys their humiliation.

Pantyhose Supremacy Dominatrix Party

Nylon Neighbor

World famous Dominatrix Jade Indica spends 40 minutes showing footboy who is in charge as She thoroughly dominates him underfoot in the living room in front of the fire. She tells him how She has seen him through Her window and knows what a kinky neighbor he is. Feet are the rule of the day as She jams them down his throat after some worship. She orders him into pantyhose, wrestles him and then turns Her attention to his cock. She milks it out onto some nylons and ties the cum covered mess in his mouth. She tramples him and then orders him to crawl out of Her house.

Mistress Jade looks stunning in lingeries, pantyhose and backless black high heels. She chastises footboy and tells him She knows he has been playing in pantyhose next door as She has seen him through the window. She orders him to tongue between Her feet and shoe and then dominates him with Her feet. She jams them far down his throat while he is on his knees and then orders him to his back for more punishment under Her nylon feet. She spits down his throat and then sits heavily on his stomach and jams both feet down this throat.

Footboy gurgles beneath Mistress Jade as She forces Her feet down his throat. She tells him to crawl over and put on pantyhose and makes him slip them on as She face sits him heavily on the couch. Turning She uses Her feet again to dominate him orally. She slithers over him facing down and then turns and grinds Her crotch on his as She lifts and pushes both feet on his face and down his throat. He has gotten a bit handsy so She ties his hands tight with a pair of black nylons and proceeds to leg lock him around his neck and wrestle him into more submission. She stands and kicks him over and over

Mistress Jade shows footboy some serious wrestling moves involving his face in Her crotch as She squeezes him tight between Her young, firm thighs. She rolls him to his back and sits on  his arms and slaps him many many times in the face. Turning quickly She queens him, nearly smothering the life out of him. Moving to the couch it is time to tie up his cock. She grabs his cock and balls through the pantyhose and expertly ties it up so his balls are bulging. She order him to bend over the couch and paddles him and then climbs on his back and whacks his ass hard. Flat on  his back now on the couch, he is treated to his Mistresses’ two feet working over his face and on his sore balls.

Mistress Jade face sits footboy and turns Her attention to his stiff and sore cock. She milks it inside the pantyhose, Her well manicured hands stroking and kneading the meat. She tells him to beg for permission to release as She strokes a final few times, listening to him try and beg beneath Her pantyhose clad ass on his face. She moves the black nylons under the cock head and extracts a big load of cum onto the material. She moves to fasten the gooey mess in his mouth and then orders him to lay down in front of the fire. She tramples him hard, verbally humiliating him even further and then orders him to crawl away and crawl home.