Members Update – Pantyhose Supremacy – ‘His Monthly Session’

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His Monthly Session

Sexy Mistress Emily strolls in to find big slave friendly waiting patiently on his knees for his monthly session. She has on some tight daisy dukes and clear high heels. She knows pantyhose is his turn on and wants him to be aroused as She torments him so She strips off Her shorts and panties and puts on a pair of brown sheer toed hose and makes him watch. Her long slender legs stretch and fill the nylon and She stands to adjust them, pinching Her pussy and jiggling Her ass in his face. She preens and then orders him to lay down flat on his back. She lays on Her stomach and Her dainty feet move deliciously overhead as She orders him to open his mouth and drools a big wad of spit down the back of his throat.

His throat fills with Her spit as He lays under Her while She uses his mouth as a spittoon. She clips a leash to the parachute harness on his balls and tugs hard making him squawk and swallow. She finishes with Her spittoon and hands him a pair of pantyhose to put on as She swings to a seated position and puts Her beautiful nylon covered feet over his face. He inhales Her foot fragrance as he struggles into his pantyhose. Her feet dance over his face and trapped cock for some time and then She orders him to lay by the wall and climbs up on his huge body.

The pantyhose clad slave lays under his trampling Mistress. She takes off Her high heels and walks on him a bit and then orders him to get on hands and knees so She can apply the crop to his ass. After beating him with the crop She switches to the heavy leather strap and lets him have it. His ass reddens up nicely and She gives him a treat and lets Her breathe in Her pussy scent and sweat through the pantyhose. Then it is back to more punishment for him from the strap.

Now he is bound to a pole and Mistress Emily begins to face slap him. His balls are strung out in their harness and Her foot periodically kicks and stomps them as She concentrates on slapping his face back and forth. After he is dazed She dominates his face with Her nylon covered feet. They pedal across his face and are pushed into his mouth. Her talented toes squeeze his nose closed and cover his mouth. She truly enjoys foot worship and foot domination as Her face is alight with pleasure at his torment under Her soles. She turns and Her tiny toes tickle his lips.