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Jerk For Her

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Jerk For Her

Ms. Savannah uses a hard bodied new slave for 52 minutes. Her gorgeous Amazon frame is encased in a black cat suit as She turns out this male and makes him a sissy cocksucker. He can’t keep his hands off his cock so She kicks his balls and ties his jerk off hand so that She can control his chronic touching. Lots of cock sucking, tease and denial and general abuse from the gorgeous Ms. Savannah.

The new slave gets one look at gorgeous Ms. Savannah’s six foot frame encased in a tight black cat suit and gets a huge erection. He cannot seem to stop touch it and She has to break him of his bad habit. She intends to make him a cock sucker on the street so She compares Her strap-on to his hard cock and then puts him to his knees for some sucking and instructions before She puts that jerking hand of his away. She puts him on his knees and makes him suck Her cock.

She towers over him and fucks his face for a bit. Turning She orders him to kiss Her spandex covered ass and then tells him to drop to all fours so She can test the spikes on the top of Her high heels by kicking him in the nuts. Now he must kiss and thanks those same high heels for inflicting pain. He is still wanting to touch his cock so She grinds Her shoe on his cock and has him lick the bottom to keep him in his place.

Ms. Savannah lays him out on the bech and cock slaps him for a while. His nasty cock is leaking and She gives him a taste of his pre-cum then puts him in the big chair where he is fastened down completely except for his right hand. That is the hand keeps touching his dick and She wants to control it so She has it strung up to the ceiling. She laughs as She makes him try and touch himself then jerks his hand away. She controls his cock, not him. She teases and spanks his naughty prick.

This bad boy gets his cock tormented by Ms. Savannah. She hates leaking cocks and punishes him for it. She gives him breaks to try and stroke himself off but each time he starts to touch himself She jerks his hand away. She uses Her size to dominate him and drives some knees into his balls. A lot of verbal abuse and psychological dominance about him not jerking off ever again unless he has permission.

His cock is ready to burst from torment but She wants to test the limits of his stamina and applies the cock pump. She pumps up his hot cock until it fills the tube and laughs as he thinks it is going to tear it off. She makes him suck a big dildo with balls to humiliate him and ties his balls up tight. She fastens his balls to the string controlling his jerk of hand so that when he jerks off he yanks on his swollen balls. She laughs at his predicament then orders him to ejaculate while She watches. He strains and finally shoots a good sized load. She mops some of it up with the dildo and makes him suck it off.