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Members Update – Ambers Dungeon – ‘Bossed Around’

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Bossed Around


Mistress Kendra turns the tables for 42 minutes on a big mouthed boss. After She gags him with a cock gag and busts his nuts with many groin kicked, he is Hogtied with pantyhose and put on his belly for foot worship. He sucks Her rubber cock before She inserts Her strap-on into his ass  as he is bent over the desk. She is now the boss.

Sultry Mistress Kendra applies a penis gag to Her big mouthed boss and orders him to his knees. She binds his hands behind him with a pair of pantyhose and punches him again and again in the stomach. She pulls and smacks his cock before showing him how much She enjoys wearing Her favorite ball busting shoes by kicking him repeatedly in the balls.  She kicks him standing and then sits on the desk and kicks him some more, ordering him to stick his cock out each time so She can get a good kick in.

Mistress Kendra’s kneeling submissive takes some more kicks to the balls and relentless verbal humiliation. She orders him to his stomach and completes his bondage with another pair of pantyhose, putting him into a helpless hogtie position. She moves behind him and kicks him in the back of the balls, enjoying his predicament. She sits up above him and uses Her heels on his back.

With Her boss tied helplessly at Her feet, Mistress Kendra dangles Her high heel over him and tells him how much She enjoyed kicking his nuts. She takes both Her shoes off and removes the cock gag from his mouth so he can savor Her feet. The helpless submissive worships at Her feet and then She moves over him and removes Her panties. Standing over him She teases him with Her pussy. Next, Mistress Kendra, wearing a strap-on, makes slave player suck some cock.

Mistress Kendra has Her submissive suck some cock as She playfully moves into several positions and encourages him to deep throat and gag. She moves behind him and fingers his ass open before standing and penetrating him with Her rubber cock. She fucks him and makes him beg for Her to drop Her sexual harassment lawsuit while She beats his ass and back with the slapper. She tells him no he has to endure the ass fucking and take it like a bitch before She will agree not to take him to court.