CBT, High Heels, Humiliation, Smoking — August 5, 2013 5:02 pm

Make A Wish

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Make A Wish

Oh the fun for Mistress Summer and Mistress Mimi to have a big balled pain slut to play with and indulge their pleasure at hurting male cock and balls. They waste no time and start fucking his cock with a metal rod. Mistress Summer starts and then lets Mistress Mimi play as She moves to tape a smelly high heel to his face so he can sniff the aftermath of their feet. They then take turns kicking his big swollen balls. He can do nothing as his legs are locked wide apart in the spreader bar. He has a big lock around his balls which causes him more pain when they kick him, much to their amusement.

Mistress Summer unstraps the high heel from his face and tortures his cock and balls with the shoe as Mistress Mimi torques on his nipples from behind. They both light up cigarettes and all bets are off for his balls as they start to burn them. Pure female delight at inflicting pain on a male’s nuts for the rest of the clip as his balls take serious torture from the cigarettes. To add even more fun Mistress Summer sticks a candle in his cock hole and lights it. They light two more cigarettes off the burning candle in his cock and torture his balls some more.

Mistress Mimi sings a crazy little happy birthday song as Mistress Summer blows out the candle burning in his cock hole. But the fun is not over as She uses the violet wand to shock his balls while Mistress Mimi decides to really test his endurance with the hot flame from the lighter as it burns off his ball hair and most of his ass hair. They adjourn to the couch and Mistress Mimi pleasures Herself with the vibrator as Mistress Summer makes the slave sniff Her hot crotch.  Mistress Mimi orgasms with legs spread wide and the slave’s face in Her crotch.

The slave’s big swollen burned balls are leashed and whipped. He is positioned on the couch facing in and his balls are pulled back tight. Mistress Summer rides on top of his back as Mistress Mimi whips him. Mistress Summer is topless and Her big natural breasts bobble as the slave bucks when Mistress Mimi lands a particularly cruel blow to the back of his huge nuts.