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Love Is Painful

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Love is Painful

Mistress Rachel Steele, MILF extraordinaire, gives young slave sebastian a 21 minute lesson in humility at the hands of a mother figure. Using whip, crop, paddle and ball spanker, She teaches him who is in charge.

Sometimes Mistress Rachel has to lay down the law in the family. Her hard bodied son sebastian has not been complying with Her wishes and now he is in no position to argue, over the horse with his balls pulled out and cinched back in the humbler. A light whipping to begin as a topless Mistress Rachel starts a punishment session.

The lesson continues as Mistress Rachel uses paddle and crop to discipline Her son sebastian. Mommy loves him but has to make it hurt sometimes She tells him. He was very bad not listening to Her instructions on who to date and now She is taking it out on his ass.