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Watching a video clip of Lady Jenny slapping the face of a poor slave wretch makes me wonder what led to that cheek-reddening situation. That’s the way my mind works: always like to know what leads up to the clip we see, and what happens next.

In case you haven’t seen and drooled over the clip, the fearsome Lady Jenny dressed all in black – top, trousers, boots and a very dark expression – orders her naked slave to put his hands behind his back. She takes a black scarf and ties his eyes tight shut. There is a moment of hard-edged sadism as she tightens the blindfold and orders him to keep his head up. She helps him on his way by sticking her fingers up his nostrils and yanking up his servile face. He whimpers but that is as nothing to what is to come.
Once blinded and vulnerable, she allows herself a slight sardonic smile – licks her lips like a tigress stalking her prey – and gets to work. It starts with a few gentle slaps but then the pace, swing and end hand on cheek contact, rises to a painful crescendo. He cries out but the more he does so, the more determined she looks. Lady Jenny must have the cruelest gaze in the business. Sends a shiver – of fear and delight.

So what has the guy done to deserve this rigorous and relentless slapfest? We are not told of course (and in any case she only speaks Hungarian). This is where my imagination comes into play. I imagine that he is an errant employee who has let her down. Perhaps a heavy she has employed to do over an enemy. Or maybe he has messed up a kidnap scenario. She has called him into her dungeon to explain himself. His excuses are as pathetic as his weak body. She has warned him before. She has made it clear what the punishment would be for letting her down. He has let her down badly.


She waits for his excuses but all he can do is mumble and sweat with fear. He knows he is cornered. He knows that she is dressed for the kill. Those black boots always shows that she means business: cruel business. She licks her lips. Her mind buzzes with possibilities: how to punish him? How far should she go…she could go the whole hog as her other videos show – should she show any leniency?
She decides on making his face take the brunt of her anger. She will blindfold him and give him a taste of her powerful hands. She will not relent until he drops in exhaustion. Cries of ‘mercy’ will fall on deaf ears. The game will begin.