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Interracial Domination

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Interracial Domination

Mistress Severa puts big slave chocolate right where She wants him…bent over and ready for Her strap-on. First She attaches some nipple clamps with little bells on them to his tiny buds. She knows he hates this and enjoys it even more when She makes him shake and jing.e She buckles Her cock on and lubes him a bit and then fucks his big black ass. Mistress Severa loves humiliation and She pulls out not to give him a break but to have him kiss the cock that is fucking him as She strolls in front on Her thigh high black shiny high heeled boots.

Gorgeous female domination as Mistress Severa drills out the ass of Her big black buck with Her extra large strap-on, Her tiny hips swaying deliciously as he endures his punishment for Her pleasure. Good closeups of Her nipples peaking out from the chain mail bra as She moves in and out of him. She pulls out and moves to get a big rotating dildo and uses it to further enlarge his asshole. She keeps him on his toes by using the slapper to spank his big black ass while She reams it.

Mistress Severa finishes drilling out slave chocolate’s asshole with the big blue rotating dildo and the next scene begins as he is lashed on his back spread eagled on a single bed. She swings Her leg up and sits heavily on his face and ties up his big black balls with cord. She holds his big black shaft at the base and slaps his cock back and forth over and over. Her tiny ass on his face helps but Her little hand does not stop and it stings and feels good at the same time. He is getting hard now and She reaches for the flesh light and slips the silicone pussy lips over his now rather sore shaft and begins to pump.

Mistress Severa has his big cock sore from shocking. The rubber pussy envelopes his cock and Her well manicured hand pumps it a few times and calls it to full hardness. She teases him and sits heavily on his face smothering him. Her weight on his chest compresses it and Her tiny ass knows how to cut his air off. This only seemed to make his big black cock even harder. It was gigantic as Mistress Severa slipped off the rubber pussy and covered it, barely, with a black condom. She hates male spew and didn’t want any flying as She slipped the jack off tool over his rod. She did not relent and he blew his huge black balls as She forced it out of him and kept pumping. Pulling the flesh light off She was very pleased to see that he had produced an enormous specimen as his turgid cock lay twitching after barfing it’s load into the black rubber reservoir tip of the rubber.