Femdom Stories — April 28, 2012 9:38 am

Inspired by Miranda

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I don’t know about you, but I find Mistress Miranda Rider a wonderfully teasing domina. She has that perfect ability to balance a powerful femininity with that of a calculating seductress. Her latest video has given me an idea for a short story (which of course, I don’t have time to write but maybe one day?)
Two beautiful women, rather like the one in the video clip, ‘Double Mistress Spanking’, lure a middle-aged man back to their apartment. He can’t believe his luck, as these two gorgeous ladies, one redhead, the other a brunette, are happy to be bought a drink in a city bar and seem to enjoy teasing the guy by leaning over him just a little closer than usual for a first meeting of strangers. He notices that both are wearing fishnets – pantyhose or stockings? That is the question. It is one on his mind as they invite him back to their pad to have a ‘ball of an evening.’ Little does he appreciate the irony of these words.
When they reach the apartment, they offer him another drink and suggest, suggestively, that he loosens his tie and while he is at it, unzips his pants. Miranda asks the idiot if he’s ever tried wearing a gimp mask. He has never heard of such a thing but will try anything once.
Miranda finds the leather mask and fits it tightly around his head. They strip him naked and suggest that he might like to lie on the floor. As he does so, they reveal a couple of restraints that they say, will keep him nice and still. He doesn’t ask the obvious question: ‘nice and still for what?’
They know as they both take off their tops and skirts. The dark haired one has a black leather basque and a pair of fishnet, tights, yes they are pantyhose, beneath the skirt. A pair of tight panties (leather perhaps) are seen inside the pantyhose. Miranda reveals a bight red corset and, joy of joys, a pair of black seamed stockings covering her shapely but strong legs.
Suitably restrained, the man is told to open his legs. The request from Miranda seems a little harsher than he has heard so far. He expects some gentle pleasuring. What he gets in fact is a two-pronged attack on his body. Miranda sits on his face and he suddenly feels the warm scents of her pussy at it closes in on his nostrils. The other lady uses her stockinged foot to play with his cock and balls. At first, play then something more serious. A kick. A hard kick. He yelps in pain. But then another sensation – his nipples are being squeezed and pulled by Miranda who is enjoying her gentle tortures.
This is the just the beginning of an evening of torments, spankings and cock manhandling. The two dominas giggle and purr, nothing nasty, nothing angry, just two strong women enjoying playing with their bait. What will happen next as the dark-haired one changes places and puts her pantyhosed ass on his face? What is Miranda going to do to his exposed cock and balls? I need to write that short story to complete it.

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