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In For It with Mistress Tangent

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A 65 minute domination festival starring Mistress Tangent. She ties slave spartacus to a chair and starts to tease him then it turns painful as She removes Her dress. Lots of CBT and a forced orgasm with a humiliating ending. Then She indulges Her favorite pastime with corporeal punishment in the rack followed by a strap-on lesson.

Mistress Tangent strides to a seated slave Spartacus. He anticipates a sexy lap dance and has no idea the trouble he has brought on himself in hiring Her for an encounter. She quickly and expertly ties him to the chair and then strolls around front and informs him it will not go as expected and he is in for it. She teases him with Her hard body and then removes Her dress revealing a super sexy bustier, garters and nylons. Her black shiny patent high heeled mules begin to leave round holes high on the inside of his thighs. He starts to scream in pain and She laughs and tells him the fun is only just beginning. Her heels work their ways around his flesh as She teases him with Her deep cleavage, verbally abusing all the while. She spits in his face and firmly establishes who is in charge with sharp slaps to his face. She fastens a ball gag deep into his mouth and continues to torment him. She spits into both his eyes and tells him he is Her little bukake whore. So beautiful, so sadistic and so humiliating as She loves to degrade him and it shows.

The slut is bound to the chair and Mistress Tangent mixes sharp face slaps with spitting into his eyes to begin to degrade him. He bites down hard on the ball gag as Her high heeled foot finds his cock and balls and starts to kick and abuse him. She tells him She is going to drain his worm and then beat him and walks away. Next view he is standing feet fastened wide apart, chains on his chest and arms laced tight behind him. She starts to work on his cock with a leather cock whip, slapping the cock head and having fun at his expense. She pauses to tie up his balls with rope, leaving Her a leash to hold while She resumes beating his cock with the whip. Her high heeled foot begins to kick him over and over in his tightly tied balls.

Good view from under the slave’s bound balls as Mistress Tangent uses Her high heel to bust his nuts. She holds the rope leash to his balls and kicks his balls over and over, making them start to swell. His balls are bisected and fully exposed as his legs are spread very wide and fastened down. She truly enjoys abusing them with lots of kicks from a gorgeous Mistress. The whip in Her hand comes to play and between that, and Her kicks, he is struggling to keep control of himself. Lots of cock whipping right on the tip and then She gives him some pleasure with the vibrator but he must hold the rope leash in his teeth and take more pain. Back and forth, pain and pleasure as his head swims. She holds the vibrator directly on his cock and it gets hard but She beats it a bit soft controlling him closely. At the end She moves to get the board he will be made to ejaculate on.

She lays the cum board down at his feet and explains She is going to beat his cock and excite it with the vibrator until he empties his bound balls at Her feet. She continues to slap the cock head right around the glans and kick his balls, with periods of vibration. She brings him up slowly, controlling him with the pain from the whip and Her foot until he is very hard and his balls bulge in their restraints. Finally he shoots a gigantic load of cum. Then a second huge blast as his cock jets and jets. Some good slow motion with Her face in the background delight with his offering. She makes him lick the cum that has drooled on Her vibrator while She smiles and stands tall on Her high heels.

Mistress Tangent makes the slave lick the portion of his load that has drooled from the tip of his worm onto the vibrator off. Then in an ultra-humiliating move She steps in his giant puddle of cum and removes the shoes, mopping up as much as She can onto the bottom then bringing it to his face and making him lick it off while spitting into his face. She dips the shoe a few times, leaving him completely drained and degraded. Now it is time for his corporeal punishment. She knows how he hates the punishment after he has drained his balls and that is why She did what She did. She has changed into shiny thigh high boots and a leather halter outfit and begins to warm him up with the splapper. She has fastened a 2.5 lb. weight to the parachute harness hanging from his still swollen and tender balls and She kicks it so it swings as She reddens his ass cheeks. She switches to the think pancake spanker for a different sensation and does what She loves, inflicting pain on a bitch. His moans and cries bring smiles to Her beautiful sadistic face.

She knows She is going to fuck him so She inserts a blow up black vibrator into his red ass and squeezes the ball several times to fill him so it does not pop out. This time it is the hard wooden paddle that makes an impression on his ass. She does not ignore his back and shows Her professional Dominatrix skills as She beats a pattern on his back that leaves the endorphins rising and the breath escaping from him while She returns Her attention, and the wooden paddle, back to his ass cheeks. A final round with the short whip provides an example to him of why he should never underestimate Her ability to get off on his pain.

The whipping concludes but not before She glories in delivering the pain and literally dances with joy behind him as we watch Her get off on his suffering. She finally comes around to the front and buries his face between Her perfect natural pierced breasts to console him. Next scene he is over the red kneeler and She holds the leash around his neck while spanking him with a rubber truncheon. His red ass is very sensitive and he almost welcomes the feel of Her big curved strap-on invading his hole as She buries Her cock without ceremony into his whore hole. He takes it like a champ and She is pleased with his submission. Great shots of a beautiful woman with a big rubber cock having Her way with Her submissive.


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