Hot Humiliation

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Hot Humiliation

Mistress Severa strides in and fetches the big naked submissive from the cage. Puppy play is in order and She begins to train Her pet by throwing toys and making him do tricks. He rolls over and begs and obeys every command from his Mistress. She has him stretch for some tickle torture and a bit of foot worship. He gets his doggy cock whipped with the shaggy whip to remind him who is the boss.

Mistress Severa’s puppy gets to hump Her nylon clad legs for a bit and then is put into his cage. Next episode for the slut he is standing bound and blindfolded for some NT and CBT. Mistress spanks his cock head with Her crop and chastises him verbally. She torments his nipples and reaches for Her vibrating glove. She holds Her vibrating hand around his cock and he ejaculates. She catches it all in long black plate and then explains to him what She will do with the load She has forced out of his balls. It will feed the next slave coming in for his session and this makes Her very excited.

Mistress Severa returns and tells him how She made Her last session swallow his big load down as She slaps his face and orders him to the floor beneath Her shiny black high heels. She sits down heavily on his face and remains there for several minutes. She gets very excited describing what She did with the big load She milked form his balls earlier. She grinds on his face and uses him. Next he is moved to the desk and bent over for cropping. His ass gets reddened as She cracks it hard and then sends him to the floor to his knees to worship Her high heels.