Her Way

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Mistress Natalie has slave thomas right where She wants him at the bottom of Her feet. He is kneeling and worships Her shoe briefly and then Her nylon covered feet. Her pantyhose are beautifully patterned dark and sexy and She thoroughly enjoys his attention. She makes him stand to check his cock and determines it is leaking a bit from the excitement and scent of Her feet. She uses a pair of heavier beige pantyhose to tease his cock. She strokes and ties and unties, slapping the cock head and having some fun as he stands obediently and presents his cock and balls for Her amusement. She binds his cock and balls and orders him to the floor where he puts on some tan mesh pantyhose under Her supervision. He lays flat for Her to use Her feet on his face from the chair and then She moves to get a pair of white tights to bind his hands behind him standing.

Now in tan pantyhose with his cock and balls bound and hands tied tight behind him with nylon the slave is obliged to kneel and lick Mistress Natalie’s swollen cunt. She plays with Her pussy and brings his head in close to smell and taste Her dripping womanhood in the patterned open crotch pantyhose. She slaps his face periodically as She enjoys tongue service and then stands him to massage his swollen member trapped in the pantyhose. She kneels to tease his big cock and balls and make him even hornier as She bites and caresses the bulging cock and balls in the pantyhose. She orders him to the floor and moves into a 69 position, lowering Her dripping cunt directly on his mouth.

The slave eats Mistress Natalie Cream’s swollen pussy for about five minutes as She finds the leverage She gets sitting atop his face perfect for getting off. She keeps his occk stiff with Her talented hand to make sure he is performing at his best on Her cunt hole with his tongue. Finally satisfied She orders him up and bends him over on the bed, tying his hands back so he cannot move. She puts on a very large strap-on and moves behind him to access his slut hole. She lubes the huge dick up and moves to enter him.

After getting three fingers into his tight slut hole, Mistress Natalie moves in to embed Her cock in the hole in his pantyhose. She can barely get the cock head in he is so tight but enjoys his suffering and sticks it in deeper. The whining whore tries to push it out but it is too deep and She begins to fuck him faster as he whimpers. She loves deflowering tight holes and he is no exception. She could enjoy his suffering all day as She leans in and buries the huge cock in his ass. Finally happy with having distended his asshole, She flips him over to his back and ties him spread eagled. She massages his cock which has gone limp from the painful fucking and when he is almost fully hard slips the hollow black dildo over it. She climbs up on him and tells him She is going to fuck him without him feeling it and buries the black cock that surrounds his flesh in Her cunt.

The frustrating fucking continues as the slave, tight spead eagled to the bed, can only lay there as Mistress Natalie’s tight cunt fucks the dildo that encases his prick. She gets greater satisfaction with something up Her hole when She knows he cannot enjoy it. She turns to face his feet and again buries the black dildo in Her pussy hole as Her nylon covered thighs clench him and She bears down hard. After a time She dismounts and removes the dildo from his cock and encases her hand in a pair of sheer tights. She massages his cock and plays a bit with his nipples and he hardens fast under Her skilled touch. She moves to drop Her swollen moist cunt on his face knowing this is how they always get harder and keeps on stroking as he licks Her twat. She jerks a huge wad out of his cock hole onto the nylons and keeps on stroking to be sure every drop is out from his swollen balls.