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GouLASHED by Lady Jenny

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Visit Mistress Lady Jenny at Her Hungarian torture farm

Femdom is a truly international language. Just take Lady Jenny – the Hungarian sadist par excellence. I have seen many a dominatrix in action over the years but few can match her cold-hearted efficiency. Though she speaks little English (or possibly none) – pictures speak louder than words – and come to think of it, the screams of her lucky victim slaves speak even louder.

You can tell just from watching this super-tormentress that she enjoys her work. Beneath those office secretary glasses and that wry smile (which gets broader with ever twist of her torture screw), there beats a heart of stone. She loves nothing more than to have a slave on his knees, trembling with anticipation (or fear). One of the videos shows her playing with her victim – he is on his knees and she sits imperiously facing him, legs apart so that he, and we, get a glimpse of stocking top, creamy slim thighs leading up from her powerful-looking calf-length boots.

She surveys the naked slave with all the anticipation of a stalking tigress. She places a sharp-heeled boot on his naked torso. The leather-clad foot reaches up to his shoulder and gives him a savage kick so that he falls back in pain. In an instant, her cold smile turns to scorn and she orders him back to the upright position of the well-drilled slave. She suffers no disobedience. She has ways to make them obey – so many weapons in her cruel armory. So much the evil dominatrix. Language is not necessary in this scenario –  a strong, powerful, merciless woman toying with her pathetic slave. That is wonderful domination in anyone’s language. Visit Lady Jenny by CLICKING HERE!