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Mistress Jennifer – Members Update – ‘Get Into It’

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Get Into It

If you like beautiful, dark haired young commanding Dominatrix’s, Jade Indica shows off Her world renowned talents for 49 minutes, using sturdy slave spartacus as Her canvas. Hot CFNM scene to start as She makes him do a sexy strip tease for Her. After a cock inspection, it is hot waxed and he worships Her shiny black boots then gets to tongue Her asshole clean. She face sits him after making him slam his cock in the kitchen drawer. She relieves Herself in front of him and then butt fucks him with Her strap-on to finish off the session. This movie found a home at Mistress Jennifer.

Jade Indica orders spartacus to strip slowly for Her amusement as She sits in purple latex, high heeled patent leather boots and holds Her crop. She tells him to do it sexy for Her and mimics the music in strip c

lubs as he takes off his clothes in front of Her. Good CFNM verbal humiliation. She inspects his cock and puts him over Her knee for a spanking. His cock is at full attention as She picks up the red candle and lights it laughing. He is to play ‘red light, green light’, jerking his cock on the green and getting it hot waxed after She says ‘red’ and he stops. He dick twitches and oozes precum as She drips the hot wax on it.

Mistress Jade orders spartacus to go to a kitchen drawer and slam his dick in the drawer. He obliges, shutting the drawer hard over and over and smashing his cock and balls as She laughs. She gets a handful of ice and handcuffs and cuffs his hands behind his back then takes the ice and cools his cock off. She adds Her spit to the ice water dripping at his feet and then puts Her feet against him and nearly pulls his cock off his body. She spits down on Her boot and orders him to his knees to worship and lick them clean. Moving him to the sink, She bends him over the counter and turns the cold water on his head then crops his ass hard. She sits, removes Her boots and makes him kneel in front of Her for the beginning of some foot worship.

Mistress Jade has Her bare feet wroshipped by a kne

eling slave spartacus and then turns so he can tongue the bottoms before bending low and pulling the thin slice of fabric covering Her pussy and ass aside and ordering him to rim Her asshole clean. She turns back and uses a long yellow dildo to begin to pleasure Herself. She makes spartacus help Her by sucking on Her clit as She fucks Herself in front of his face with the dildo until She orgasms hard. He gets to suck the dildo clean and has his face fucked before She moves him to his back and props his head up for for queening

Mistress Jade grinds Her bare pussy on spartacus’ face and whips his cock. Her young, strong legs are gorgeous as She is spread legged and squatting right on his face. She stands and turns, giving him a view of the pussy that is in charge of his life. Next scene is the full toilet chair pee of Mistress Jade peeing down into a bowl as spartacus lays next to the stream. She makes him beg the pee out of Her. His pleadings are rewarded as She pushes a lot of piss out after we watch Her pussy yawning open and closed trying to pee. He is used as Her toilet paper after She has finished.

Slave spartacus is bent over with hands fasten

ed to cinder blocks in the front as Mistress jade prepares his ass to receive Her cock. She rubs and spreads his ass, spitting into the hole She will be drilling open. She fucks him standing tall in Her six inch open toed shoes.  She pulls hard on the leash around his neck as She wiggles and gyrates, moving the cock side to side and stretching his asshole open.  After She fucks him, She moves to the implement rack and selects a thick leather strap and beats his ass. She then moves in front of him for a final humiliation, making him kiss the cock that fucked him.