Face Sitting, Humiliation, Strap-On — August 9, 2014 9:32 am

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Mistress Olga puts on a final bit of eyeliner while standing on slave chocolate and then moves him into position to tongue Her shaved twat. She holds his leash and commands him to service her pussy. Her long legs stretch out and She moans in pleasure as the big bucks tongue licks Her sweet spot. She gets so wet and cums so many times She is dripping as he slurps it up. She orders him to the floor and delivers a surprise to him when She leans over and delivers a stream of milk from Her big natural 38D breasts. The lactation covers his face and She laughs and laughs then slaps it off.

Mistress Olga slides up over his face, covered in Her breast milk, and sits Her pussy down to rub and grind all Her juices on his face. He sucks and licks Her and then She slides back and sucks some milk from Her breasts and spits it down into his face. She loves humiliating him and fingers Her dripping hole and laughs at him. Leaning back on his chest She stretches Her fet to his face and he is obliged to eat the dirt from the bottom of Her very well worn shoes. This humiliation turns Her on more because She knows he hates licking the bottoms of Her street shoes. She orders him up and quickly ties his hands behind his back then turns and bends low, sticking Her gorgeous ass in his face for rimming. She turns and sits back in the chair for him to eat Her sopping wet hole while She holds his leash.

Mistress Olga whips, lubes and fucks the giant black submissive who is laying on his back legs up and begging for his hole filled. He has a humbler on his big black nuts and it stretches his balls painfully as Her cock tries to penetrate. She has the biggest strap-on in the shop on and he is struggling to take half of it. She enjoys his discomfort as his hole slowly expands. She puts him to his knees to try and slam more into him. It is rough going with a tight hole on a huge buck but She holds the leash around his neck and plugs away.

The big buck gets more fucking on his hands and knees. He takes as much as he is able. Not used to this big of an intrusion his asshole has clenched up and his pain is making Her laugh. She moves him standing, blindfolded and legs locked wide apart so that She can zap his cock with the violet wand. He takes it pretty good and She begins to milk his massive member, Her perfect well manicured hands stroking him to a big fat erection.

With his erection big and stiff, Mistress Olga slows him down a bit by slapping the cock head. She relents and Her beautiful hands move to finish the job. She reaches for a clear short crystal cup and moves it into position just as he shoots his load. She catches all of it in the cup and then has him bend low. Reaching for a dildo that looks like a screw, She shows him the probe and his cum and tells him he will now have his ass fucked with his own cum to end the session. She does as promised and then moves in front of him and his face and tongue are in perfect position to rim Her asshole clean.