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Freshly Fucked

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Freshly Fucked

Mistress Mara Mayhem and Corrina Corruption dominate two male submissives. The big one in latex is administered to as a foot stool as Mara Mayhem begins to torture the other slave’s cock and balls.

Slave barry is bent over the horse now with sore balls from having had them cropped by Mara Mayhem. It is time to prepare him for his fisting. She probes and widens his hole. What a fun time for Her and Corrina as the slave is like a little hand puppet. He is moved to the bench and made to sit on a big butt plug and then they torture his nipples and make him suck the huge cock between Mara’s legs.

Slave barry is bent over the horse and fisted by Mara Mayhem. Incredible action as this Pro Domme delivers an anal experience like no other. Her gorgeous partner toys with the big slave in latex and starts to get his cock hard. Mara turns slave barry after a huge fisting and he is obliged to suck some cock as She fucks him up the ass with Her huge dick.

Humiliating cock sucking continues as Mara has Her giant cock buried to the hilt. Next the big latex slave takes strap-on and gets his cock and balls tortured with his high heeled boots high in the air and strapped to the bench. Slave barry is used to flog his face with cock as Corrina makes him humiliate the big slave on his back orally.

Humiliating strap-on and CBT with two gorgeous Mistresses. Cock and balls are tortured as the Mistresses continue harsh treatment. Slave barry is benched to jerk his cock in preparation for unloading on the face of the one receiving strap-on. Corrina teases him as Mara laughs and puts a mousetrap on the cock of the one She has Her strap-on buried in.

In one final awesome display of torment Corrina gets slave barry totally worked up with Her gorgeous ass in his face and then drops Her panties and puts them over the face of the big slave with the strap-on up his ass. Slave barry drops a huge load on the panties over his face and then, still hard, fucks him up the ass as the women celebrate.