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Feet First

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Feet First

Mistress Tangent has Her nude submissive laid out at Her feet and is using him as a foot rest as She puts on a pair of black seamed nylons with reinforced feet and toes. She has sexy lingerie set on and Her black garters dangle as She fastens them to the ultra sheer stockings. Even Her nails match the black and white ensemble She has stretched tight across Her toned body. She pulls on some sheer black gloves and puts on a pair of ultra sexy black old school high heeled pumps. She looks divine and the slave starts with a taste of the bottom of the well worn high heels. He is devoted to his Mistress and Her feet. She always starts his session with feet first and works into the pain. True to form, She allows him a too brief last kiss and lick of the bottom of Her high heels and then stands and steps up on Her human rug to make him Her trample slave.

Mistress Tangent loves to feel the prostrate slave beneath Her black pumps. She walks and stands on him as he moans beneath Her. She glances at his cock and sees it is very hard so She sits and steps on it which elicits a massive out pour of pre-cum from his prick. She chastises him for not being able to control his fluid and then steps back up on Her human carpet. She takes off Her black pumps and steps up on his face with both of Her nylon covered feet. Tiny, well-manicured toes dig into the sides of his face as his Goddess full weight face tramples Her subject. Her perfect size 8 feet walk and step all over his body while She pays special attention to his face as She gets up to his neck. His cock wiggles hard at attention and continues to leak fluid from Her ministrations. Her toes dip in and out of his mouth and then She sits on his chest and reinserts Her feet first into his mouth.

Nice closeup from slave point of view as Mistress Tangent wipes Her feet on his face. The bottoms of Her reinforced Cuban heeled black silky stockings fill the screen as we see some of the precum from his cock on Her stockings. She orders him to the couch and it is time for some wicked face sitting and smother. She faces his feet and sits Her perfect ass down on his face. She shows why she is the best as he lays helpless with the most beautiful woman using his face as Her throne. His cock remains rock hard and dripping as She takes his breathe away. She turns and sits back down on his face loving the feel of control. Some more great face sitting and then She stands and steps on his hot face for a quick pause before She drops back down with Her knees in his stomach and cuts off his air with both hands.

Wicked hand over moth smother as Mistress Tangent’s knees are in his stomach pushing his wind out while Her sheer black gloved hands clove onto his face and cut off all chance of breathing. He wiggles and squirms while She is on top and in control. She keeps on him until he is exhausted and beet red in the face then slips off Her sexy black old school pumps and uses them to torment his body. Sharp spikes to his nipples, shoes in his face, scratching deep red marks into his skin and spiking the back of his cock until he screams, She loves to give him painful sensations. She longs for more trample and orders him against the wall, slips on Her pumps and steps up on Her human carpet. She tramples him briefly then sits down heavily on his face and stretches Her heels out to his cock and balls.

Full weight face sitting as Mistress Tangent crushes his face while Her high heels torment his cock. After two minutes of this torment She stands and slowly removes one of Her stockings then steps barefoot onto his cock and stands full weight on Her one leg while She removes the other stocking. Now both legs are bare and She slips one of Her high heels on and then goes to work with both Her bare foot and Her high heel to torment his rock hard cock. She sits down on his face and scratches, teases and crushes the dripping rod. He is starting to lose control as She stands up and steps Her high heel down on his cock and begins to rub. Hold back She says, knowing he cannot take it, and keeps rubbing until Her high heel has crushed out a fountain of cum and a large squirt leaving Her crushing his cock in a sea of his own cum.