Boots, Face Sitting, High Heels, Strap-On — April 11, 2013 8:54 am

End of the Line

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Mistress Summer joins Mistress Ariel for 40 minutes of fun at slave marco’s expense. They subject him to high heel torment and he eats tons of pussy and then both butt fuck the big submissive until his asshole is raw and smoking. The two leave the loser trussed up after teasing his cock a bit.

Mistress Summer joins Mistress Ariel as they begin to torment slave marco. He worships Ariel’s black boots as Mistress Summer torments him with Her spiked heels. Kicks to the balls and the taste of the dirt on the bottom of a boot are making them very happy as he suffers right in front of them. Mistress Ariel moves to the chair and they get him on his back so She is cradling him and locks Her arm around his neck so Mistress Summer can torture him with Her high heels. She punches and kicks him and then pauses to tease him with Her big beautiful natural breasts.

Mistress Summer works marco over as Mistress Ariel holds him. They order him to turn and unfasten his hands so he can eat pussy. He provides tongue service to Mistress Ariel as Mistress Summer stands over him supervising and tormenting him from behind. She takes the hard slapper and spanks him as he services Mistress Ariel’s cunt. They move him over the bench and Mistress Summer fucks him.

The beautiful Mistress Summer stands tall on Her high heels and fucks marco. Her legs are a mile long and She leans in and dills him to the balls as Mistress Ariel beats his back with the slapper. She beats hard on his ass then stops to move in front of him with the vibrator and give him something to look at and smell as She uses it on Her pussy. Behind, Mistress Summer continues to fuck him up the ass with Her big strap-on. she gets warm and removes Her corset, letting Her big natural breasts swing free as She fucks him. Next he is immobilized on his back and Mistress Ariel moves to take Her turn fucking him up the ass.

Mistress Ariel has a huge strap-on in his ass and knows hos to use it. She stands tall in Her black shiny boots and savagely fucks his hole. Mistress Ariel drops Her gorgeous tits onto his face to muffle his cries as Her partner digs in and drives the huge rubber cock in to the balls. Mistress Summer moves behind Mistress Ariel to give Her even more leverage and they ravage his asshole as both their weight is behind the giant dick thrusting into his pussy hole. Finally, Mistress Ariel pulls out and Mistress Summer uses a big dildo on his ass while Mistress Ariel jerks his cock. She tells him he has one minute to orgasm but he cannot do it in time and they leave him frustrated.