Foot Fetish, Pantyhose Domination — March 18, 2013 8:23 am

Dreams and Dominance

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Mistress Summer stars in a 64 minute scene of sensual domination on slave Spartacus. She knows he is a stud so She drains him of his cum with Her feet early on. This slows him down so She can torment him after tying him in pantyhose bondage. Her beautiful natural breasts quiver through most of the movie as you watch Her indulge in foot worship, trample and strap-on play.

Long legged Mistress Summer looks great in tan hose, red high heels and a black and white sexy outfit. She stretches and preens a bit and them moves to get a pair of pantyhose from the bin and ties the slave’s hands behind his back tight. She gives him a good smell of Her ass as She bends low and teases him. Now he goes to his back and underfoot of Her six inch open toed heels.  She puts the spikes to him and then takes them off for him to sniff Her scent inside the shoes. Foot play and domination mix with high heel abluse.

Mistress Summer, now topless, sits on the bound slave and then removes Her shorts, sticking Her ass into his face. She slides around on him teasing and tormenting him, Her perfect natural breasts jiggling. She sits up on the bench and starts to use Her feet on his cock as She plays with Her breasts. She gets him harder and harder and then milks a big load out onto Her nylons.

Mistress Summer finishes stomping on his now empty balls with Her right foot. Her left foot is covered with cum. She turns and moves Her feet over his face, positioning around so that he can click off his jism. Then She keeps up the foot in mouth torment as She lays down on him and turn and stretches, always with Her feet in his face and down his throat.  She picks up the spanker and circles and spanks him once in a while as She dances dreamlike around him.

This sensuous pantyhose clad vixen dominates our slave with Her feet as She writhes and Her big natural breasts swing in his face before Her feet control his mouth. She wiggles under him while he is on all fours for a very interesting foot worship position.  Spanking and soft teasing pantyhose torments by a young blonde Goddess go hand in hand. The leather strap is also used to tease and spank his pantyhose clad ass. Ultra sexy dreamy foot oriented scene.

Trample time for the slave as he is moved near to the fireplace and Mistress Autumn walk on him. She was a ballet dancer and it shows as Her feet glide along him. Good shots from beneath Her as She sticks a foot in his mouth and treats him like Her rug. She lays back several times on him and preens and stretches as She rubs Her pantyhose over his face and body. Watch very sensuous domination under the size 8.5 feet of this very tall beauty. She has him on all fours at the end and is just beginning to lube his asshole for Her strap-on.

Mistress Summer lubes him up and them grabs a pair of pantyhose from the bin and ties up his ankles. She straddles his legs and slowly sticks Her cock into his ass. He is a bit tense but soon loosens as She fucks him on Her high heels. Her gorgeous breasts bobble about as he is made Her bitch. She dominates his ass preening and arching Her back to play with Her perfect natural 35C breasts. Good angles and close up as this dreamy Mistress finishes with Her cock in him.