Strap-On — July 13, 2014 4:15 pm

Double Trouble

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Now sporting Her strap-on, Mistress Autumn commands tosha, with some help from Mistress Lydia to suck Her cock. Bent over the kneeler, tosha is lupbed up and entered from behind by Mistress Autumn as Mistress Lydia has him lick and suck Her toes and heels. Mistress Autumn begins to give him a sound fucking as Mistress Lydia starts using the crop on his back.

Mistress Autumn leaned in on Her spiked heels and fucked tosha deeply as he licked Mistress Lydia’s feet. His back was scratched and cropped by the Ladies as they used him. Mistress Lydia removed Her heels and he sucked each of Her toes as his ass was filled from behind by the tall blonde Dominatrix. Mistress Autumn cropped tosha’s ass as Her partner enjoyed foot service.