Strap-On — May 21, 2014 1:22 pm

Domination Day

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Now they have their victim on his stomach bent over the horse. Mistress Kiss is feeding him Her strap-on and Mistress Kendra is beating his ass with Her cane. They switch places and Mistress Kiss gives him a brief prostate massage to loosen him up as Mistress Kendra teases him in the front with Her gorgeous ass and pussy. Mistress Kiss fucks him good with the strap-on as Her partner humiliates him verbally. She pounds it into his ass hard and long. Mistress Kendra fetches the dildo gun as Mistress Kiss tires of fucking his ass. She moves in front of him and has him clean Her ass while Her partner starts to drill out his asshole.

Mistress Kiss takes a turn on his ass with the gun. Mistress Kendra occupies Herself by whipping his ass and tormenting his nipples. The big dildo at the end of Mistress Kiss’ gun flies as his ass is thoroughly reamed. They have him flipped to his back now and Miss Kiss sites on his face as Mistress Kendra suction cups his balls and tits and then burns him with hot wax. His cock is covered in wax and his face is covered in Mistress Kiss’ pussy juice.

The slave takes maximum pain from the hot wax as they pass the candle back and forth. Special attention now to his big balls as Mistress Kiss spits down his throat. Mistress Kendra produces a huge dildo with big rubber balls and begins to work it into his ass while Mistress Kiss face sits him. Kendra drills him with the dildo as Mistress Kiss slaps a rubber on his cock and sucks on it. Her pussy on his face makes him rigid and Her mouth is magical. Mistress Kendra makes sure he does not enjoy himself to much by jamming the cock in up to the rubber balls and twisting it around to widen his asshole.