Foot Fetish, Pantyhose Domination — February 27, 2015 8:38 am

Dominate The Dummy

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Mistress Vera has the dummy up against the fireplace. Long perfectly formed legs encased in blue nylon end in wicked high heels. The touch of Her knees makes him weak in his. She sizes him up and teases him then moves to tie a pair of pantyhose around his face. More pantyhose envelope his crotch as She ties up his cock and balls. Down to the ground and kicks to his exposed privates follow.

With his head wrapped in pantyhose the dummy is on all fours and gets his balls kicked hard. She sits down on his back for some foot worship and loves to use him as human furniture. He gets his balls smacked and tied with pantyhose while standing and then he goes to the ground and She stands over him teasing and trampling. Foot domination and ball kicking as Miss Vera is a mean catlike creature who perches on him and uses Her feet in his face and on his balls to show him who is boss.

More sensuous and somewhat harsh foot domination as Miss Vera moves over him on all fours and then standing to crush his cock under Her blue nylon covered toes. Next She ties his hands behind with pantyhose and then traps his big cock, which has remained hard the entire time, in his dummy suit and slaps and kicks it. He is obliged to bend low and kiss Her ass. She stands him again and cannot seem to get enough of kicking and tormenting his trapped cock.

He kisses the feet that have inflicted so much pain on his cock. His hands are tied and his balls are tied to his hands so his cock dangles helplessly straight down as She fondles and then kicks it like a little football. So beautiful and so cruel. She gives him a final super hard kick that puts him to the floor out of commission. Next She revives him with Her sexy high heels kicking his balls as She sits between his legs on the couch. She moves Her high heels to his chest and cautions him not to let them fall as She kicks his balls with Her nylon covered perfect size 7 foot. He takes it as long as possible but with a final swift kick to his balls they tumble off and She tells him he has had enough of Her evil attention.