Forced Orgasm - Milking, Strap-On — March 30, 2015 12:48 pm

Cherry Picker

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Cherry Picker

Miss Vera has a brand new virginal ass slave visiting for the first time. He is obliged to suck Her cock and then put into the standing stock. She ties his cock and balls up and strings them out front of him and then lubes his ass up. Next the strap-on dangling between Her legs is up his ass.

A bit more ass fucking for the new slave and then a cold cruel steel hook is inserted into his ass. Miss Vera whips his ass a bit and then puts a large bowl in front and informs him his swollen balls are going to be made to discharge fully into the bowl. Her vibrating gloved hand teases his cock and balls as he is yanked around like a fish on the hook as his prostate grinds on the metal ball. She moves to hold his cock with the metal tongs and places a vibrator right under his cock head causing geysers of cum to jet out. He is released and obliged to eat his poison while under Her high heel.