Face Sitting, Foot Fetish, Humiliation — October 18, 2013 7:05 am


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Mistress Riley, in black dress and stay up hose with five inch black high heels on, is seated on the couch awaiting Her friend. Slave jonny is penned up in the cage next to Her and is quite excited, as much as the tight CBT3000 will allow his cock to be. Mistress Riley plays a bit with Her pussy and makes him worship Her feet through the bars. She pulls the top of Her dress down to reveal a sexy lace black bra that frames Her breasts and props Her bare nipples up. She moves to get a long yellow dildo and makes jonny suck it for Her through the cage bars. She receives a phone call from Her girlfriend and understands She will not be arriving. This pisses Her off so She decides to take it out on jonny and releases him from confinement and orders him to lay on the floor. He worships at Her feet and is struck with the crop and verbally chastised. She plays with Her pussy standing above him and then decides to use his face and tongue and sits down. She has on crotch less panties so he has access to both holes. She orders him to lick only Her asshole and he does as he is told.

Mistress Riley has removed Her crotch less panties and sits back down on Her face spreading Her ass cheeks wide with Her perfecdtly manicured hands. She orders him to tongue Her pussy now that he has completed cleaning Her asshole. To make things more interesting for Her, She grabs the vibrator and turns facing his cock and sits back down on his face and removes Her dress. She grinds Her bare pussy on his face and uses him as Her sex slave, writhing and rolling on Her pussy on his mouth and barking out instructions on how She likes it licked. She orgasms on his face and takes a moment to compose Herself and then gets the dildo and sits between his spread legs. The long yellow double headed dildo, wet with his spit is shoved up his ass as Mistress Riley sits between his legs.

With the dildo now up his ass, She moves to impale Herself on the other end and then they are joined as one. She watches his cock try to grow while trapped in chastity and laughs as She fucks Herself on the dildo, his eyes locked on Her. As She fucks him She reaches out and applies the vibrator to his swollen balls, making him moan. His chastity is driving him crazy and that is making Her even wetter as She fucks the dildo that is in them both. She decides his prostate is swollen enough and stands to get the key to release him from his cock confinement. She pulls the device off and his cock drools and rolls as She laughs. She orders him to sit and moves behind him with Her feet positioned around his cock and balls. Her skilled hand massages his cock and milks a big load out onto Her nylon covered feet. She laughs and orders him to lick the load up from Her feet. He obliges as She leans back and savors his humiliation.


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