CBT, High Heels, Humiliation, Pantyhose Domination — April 4, 2014 11:39 am

Bust A Nut

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Bust A Nut

Mistress Tangent ties the big dicked young submissive to the chair. She is an expert in rope bondage and fastens him so his legs are spread and tight. She knows what She is going to do and he is going to be flailing and trying to get away from the pain She is going to put on his cock and balls. She has sky high black platform heels on for a deadly purpose and that is to inflict maximum pain on his young manhood while She savors his screams.  A bit of smacking and whipping to his cock and he starts to get hard. She moves to stomp his cock and use Her high heel and leverage as Her perfect natural breasts strain against the tight fabric of Her top. There is nowhere for him to go as She moves his cock under Her foot while it is still in Her shoe. The cock head sticks out perfectly and She targets it with Her hand as She crushes his cock in Her shoes. Smacks, knees and whipping follow the high heel assault as She treats him to a look at Her topless so that he can take more pain.

The hard leather slapper demolishes his pricks and She makes it interesting by putting it on top of Her foot to brace it while She beats it. Thoroughly enjoying his pain She pushes him to the limit and then applies the hitachi wand to his cock head as She continues to inflict pain. His legs buck and he tries to levitate off the chair but is locked in place by all the rope tie points. The happiness of Mistress Tangent is overwhelming as he struggles from all the cock torment. She beats his big balls with the dragon tail whip and literally beats the cream out of him as he ejaculates a huge load while his balls are being continuously whipped.