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Boxing Clever

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Boxing Clever

I had a very exciting session with a slave who asked for belly punching. He actually got far more than he asked for because I did a lot of boxing training and know how to use my fists. I donned a pair of good old boxing  gloves and asked my friend Lady Lash to hold the slave still – with his hands locked behind his back – while I gave him a series of powerful blows in his belly.

I worked up  quite a sweat as I punched, lunged and jabbed his body. I used him as a punch bag and he was grateful. I have a lot of physical strength and natural energy and really got going. Many of my well-aimed blows brought the slave to his knees and he had to be dragged up to his feet again. He could take about 20 minutes of my hard punching and then cried ‘surrender’. I was in a compassionate mood and let him go….he was pretty battered and bruised and was only fit for crawling on his knees to thank me by kissing my boots (and those of Lady L).

The workout had me dreaming last night and it was a beauty. I dreamt I was a prison guard on some remote island for filthy criminals. In the  dream, my job was to dole out punishments and torments to the male prisoners on the tropical island prison. In the dream, I ordered ten prisoners to line up to attention in the prison compound. I made them sweat in the hot sun for about 30 minutes. One fell to his knees in exhaustion. That was my cue to march in, whip in hand and deal him several blows until the wretch got up and stood to attention. Which he soon did. After half an hour,

I ordered the prisoners to stand to attention with their arms behind their backs. Then I went down the line giving each of the miserable jailbirds – rapists and murderers – something they deserved. The first prisoner got a vicious kicking from my leather boots. I didn’t stop till he was down crawling on his stomach, groaning for mercy. The second man was shaking like a leaf after watching what I’d done to prisoner 1.  I love to torment and gave him only a faceslap and then moved quickly to the third prisoner. He was caught unawares as I  smashed my fists into his guts.

Again and again I hit him and finished with a mighty right hook to his chin. He fell, out cold. The other prisoners got a mixture of punches, kicks, electric shocks (with my trusty cattle prod) and for the last guy: a severe caning to his arse. I lost count of how many strokes he got on that arse – and then I woke up. What a dream! If only I could turn that to reality eh?