Corporeal Punishment, Humiliation — December 9, 2014 2:28 pm

Blonde Brutality

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Blonde Brutality

Miss Mea has been looking for an ass to beat and this submissive has a big one and it can take some punishment. She opens up on him with a small slapper to warm him up and then quickly switches to a thick leather strap. She takes off Her skirt and beats him the strap and then a hard wooden paddle dressed in nylons and 7” high heels.

The wooden paddle does more damage to the big submissives ass as the blonde Amazon in 7” heels moves to pick up the heavy cane. She canes his red ass hard and smiles as muffled grunts and moans emerge from under the gray sheet she has thrown over his head. Her young strong arms do not tire as She beats him without mercy. She moves to retrieve the wooden paddle again, her favorite, and resumes punishing him.

The wooden spanker shreds his ass some more and then She moves to get the rubber truncheon. It is very wicked and a thick piece of rubber with treads on it so it hurts even more. She loves to make him groan and this does the trick as She beats and smacks his red ass before moving to get the heavy cane again. Lots more caning as She takes him to his limit. Finally satisfied he has had enough, She sits and observes his cock and balls as he lays on his back. Time for cock torment.

Miss Mea loves to torment male cock and balls and She starts in on some fun by attaching clothespins to his shaft and using the cock whip to hurt him. A grin is on Her face most of the time as his agony is Her amusement. She removes the pins and puts a rat trap over the tip of his cock and runs the spiked wheel over his private parts making him groan. More clothespins right on the sensitive penis tip and then She holds his cock with tongs and uses the vibrator to try and revive the beaten organ. He starts to stiffen so She takes the hard round wooden paddle and begins to beat his meat.

His cock continues to be beaten by Miss Mea. She has the round paddle built for busting balls smacking his sore cock. It twitches as She smacks it as it tries to get hard while he looks at Her cruel beautiful face but cannot as it is beaten down. She uses a thin wood slapper on his balls and then picks up the violet wand and shocks the head of his cock making him jump and groan which pleases Her immensely. Next he is standing with a glass vase in front of him and She tells him to jerk off into the vase. The catch is when She stops him he must take more cock punishement with the wooden paddle. She sits, Her long nylon covered legs crossed and alternately beats and lets him jerk. Finally he produces an enormous load of cum into the vase and then is ordered to drink it while She supervises him until every drop is consumed.