Foot Fetish, Humiliation, Strap-On — May 28, 2014 3:41 pm

Black Beast

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Black Beast

Mistress Severa finds taming slave chocolate is easier when you start on top so we open to Her standing on the big submissive. Lots of foot domination as Her tiny nylon covered feet walk on him, slap his cock and balls and find the inside of his tonsils as She moves to the black couch and he kneels in front of Her. She sits Her tight black panty covered ass on his face and then goes after his nipples with clamps followed by more foot domination mainly on his face.

The giant black submissives becomes Her human door mat as Mistress Severa finishes domination him with Her feet and drops down to belly punch him a bit. Next he is shown on hands and knees with his balls behind him trapped in a humbler and blindfolded. He is made to crawl about the floor and retrieve objects in a most humiliating fashion. She stuffs the panties he finds into his mouth and uses the whip and paddle on his ass. Mistress Severa slips on Her high heels and sits behind him to pull on his black balls and spike them with Her heels.

Mistress Severa spanks the bottoms of his huge feet and rudely manipulates his balls trapped in the humbler while tormenting them with Her high heels. He is next shown setup over the horse and She loosens him up manually to prepare him for the huge white cock hanging obscenely between Her legs. Properly lubed up but still tight as a drum, She leans in on Her high heels and introduces Her white cock to his virgin black asshole.

Great strap-on action for the whole clip as the strong slender legs of Mistress Severa brace and fuck his hole as Her breasts bobble topless. She wiggles and slams it in as he takes the entire huge cock for the duration. She uses the bra She has removed as a leash and holds him fast at the neck while She rocks in and out, enjoying his moans as his back arches to accept Her white cock in his tight black hole. At the end She slowly pulls the giant white cock out of his split hole and makes him kiss and thank Her and Her strap-on.

After he has finished thanking Her for fucking him She teases him with Her tits and makes him kiss the big cock again. Next he is shown laying on his back in front of the couch. She plays with his cock with Her nylon covered feet and holds a leash that is attached to his black balls. She gets him pretty stiff and then releases his hand and he starts to jerk himself off while gazing up adoringly at the cruel Mistress whose feet he is beneath. He begs Her to allow him to cum, She grants his request and he releases a big load of white cum on Her dainty feet. She moves to have him lick his mess clean.