Foot Fetish, Trample — April 30, 2014 8:36 am

Big Girl Shoes

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Big Girl Shoes

Mistress Candi is so excited. She loves to trample and has a perfect doormat available.  She has brought several pairs of shoes and plans on using them to full advantage on Her willing carpet of flesh. She starts from the couch with a pair of studded black pumps. He gets the full effect from below starting at his face and working down toward his feet. She uses Her sling backed spikes to stomp his face and then stands and covers his mouth with Her shoe and tells him what is going to happen. She sits down and spikes him then moves to tie up his cock and balls tight in a pair of pantyhose.  She pulls on his cock leash as She stomps him and then removes Her shoes and goes to work trampling him up and down while clad only in Her fishnet stockings.  His cock and balls come in for a lot of attention and punishment.

The blonde vixen tramples him up and down in Her stocking feet and then sits and tightly ties the pantyhose around his cock again, this time securing it even tighter and using it as a leash to pull his cock and balls back for direct crushing. She has a ton of fun walking up and down on him and trampling every inch of his front. She tells him now it is time to really punish him and has brought Her big girl shoes. She moves him in front of the fireplace and puts on some wicked black boots that rise just above Her ankle and begins to trample him. This guy can rally take it but the boots are almost too much. Just as She planned.

Pure trample destruction as Mistress Candi destroys him under Her black boots. She knows just how far to push him and crushes his back and then flips him over and demolishes him up and down. She takes off the boots and literally jumps and dances on the prone pig with sheer delight. This 110lb blonde truly enjoys getting his DNA all over feet from Her human carpet. At the end of his endurance, She kicks him back into his cage and departs.