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Bi Boys

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Bi Boys

Mistress Alexis is back. First She does some training on big slut marco. He worships Her long legs and high heels and receives some caning and verbal humiliation before he is introduced to the dick he will be sucking.

Mistress Alexis orchestrates some cock sucking for Her two puppets and then changes clothes and has them bent over in the next view where one is made to suck Her big strap-on. She truly enjoys hurting the one on his knees while his mouth is filled with cock.

The enormous dildo dangles obscenely between Mistress Alexis long legs as She circles the two sluts deciding who needs the first fucking. She takes a paddle to both their tender asses and laughs. She buries Her cock in the first captive and fucks him good then pulls out and circles around to fuck the second male. She takes off Her bra and lets Her big breasts swing as She butt fucks him.

A couple last minutes of butt fucking the male assholes and then Mistress Alexis sits so that the big one can lick Her pussy. She takes tongue service and puts a long leg up on his back as She tells him to lick and suck Her clit and big pussy lips. She commands the other male to service his backside with teabagging and asshole play while She enjoys his oral attention.

Mistress Alexis takes a bit more tongue service and then positions one of the males behind the other to see if he can butt fuck him. He proves to be a limp dick even though She give him some help and does not manage to get hard enough to fuck his companion so She sits the other down and has him fuck his face while She plays with Her twat.

Humiliating oral action as Mistress Alexis sits behind marco and plays with Her pussy while Her boot forces his head into the other’s cock in his mouth. She gets off with a quick yank and encourages the sucking to get the limp prick harder. She stands marco in bondage to see if his cock can get some oral and get stiff. Holding his nasty cock with a pair of tongs She has his partner suck his cock while She tells him what a fag he is. She gives marco’s cock some attention and they take turns playing.

Marco has a hard dick and his fag partner licking his balls as Mistress Alexis jerks his cock trying to get him to ejaculate into the other’s face. He is awfully close for a while and Her well manicured hands are strong. She forces the head of the fag into his balls and Her big tits juggle nicely as She yanks him.