Beat & Eat

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Beat & Eat

Leave it to Mistress Riley to come up with a plan that will make Her orgasm and, at the same time, cause a lot of pain for Her supplicant. For, after all, his pain is Her pleasure and the only thing better than giving him pain is making him eat the wetness of Her snatch that results from listening to him moan while taking corporal punishment. And so begins the cycle starting with the flat spanker. She knows this big submissive needs a slow warm up to reach his full potential. She reddens his ass and then, knowing that the taste of Her ass and pussy in his mouth will make him able to take more punishment She moves him underneath Her. Then it’s back to take another round with the round spanker.

Mistress Riley concludes Her second instrument, the round spanker, and orders the big submissive to his back again. This time She straddles his face facing out and queens him while spreading Her pussy wide and ordering him to lick the wetness that has resulted from spanking him. She orders him to start milking his cock while he licks and then tells him to assume the position again and uses the wooden paddle on his red ass. She gets warm and removes Her top and resumes spanking him with the wooden paddle, naked except for Her stockings and high heels.

The wooden paddle  and the sharp sound it makes on his big behind makes Her pussy wetter. She orders him to his back face up in the chair again and straddles wide so that She can wipe the cum from Her pussy lips across his face and feel his tongue on Her lips. She orders him back to his punishment position after cumming on his face several times and this time is using the cane. She lashes him good, enjoying his moans of pleasure as he knows how much She enjoys it. Finally She orders him up and moves to the chair and bends low, sticking Her gorgeous naked ass in the air and ordering him to jerk his balls dry on Her backside. He does as he is told and, almost immediately, cums a bucketload all over Her ass. She tells him to lick his nasty seed up and he immediately obliges Her as She smiles softly.