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Get Your Kicks

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Get Your Kicks with Mistress Tangent and Her sexy and sadistic sister Mistress Demi. These two had so much fun with the young big balled slave there was not much left of him when they were done. Not once did he cry for mercy but he did almost faint a few times with happiness looking at their beautiful faces as they rained kikcs and punches on his balls.

A fun filled 36 minutes of ball busting action with Mistress Tangent and Her real life sister Mistress Demi. The two are waiting as their subject is checking in up front and discuss what they are going to do with him and how wonderful it will feel to get in some solid kicks to his balls. Soon enough, the tall young big balled submissive is stretched and spread standing and Mistress Tangent ties his big balls up and bisects them. Her sister goes to work with the riding crop as Mistress Tangent holds his balls for optimum punishment.

Having softened up his big nuts with the riding crop, Mistress Tangent unties his balls and steps in front of him as Mistress Demi stands behind to brace him. She starts kicking him with Her short high heeled boots over and over directly in his nut sack. Her long strong legs continue to punish him and then it is Mistress Demi’s turn and She happily follows with many kicks to his balls as Mistress Tangent conveniently holds his shaft up so She has total access. The double up and both stand in front to get some kicking action and then kick with one in back and one in front until he is a limp rag hanging from the suspension.

Ball busting from the front and back continues as they hanging slave starts to tire. Mistress Demi looks deep into his eyes as Her sister gives him a solid kick from behind. Mistress Tangent expertly ties up his thick and long shaft and strings it up to his collar then goes to work with the crop as Mistress Demi works on his balls. She squats down and punches his cock over and over as Mistress Tangent holds his big ball sack. She applies the whip to his cock and then they lay him down for some face sitting and vibrating stimulation. Mistress Demi uses a ball made of wound string to torment hiss balls as Mistress Tangent smothers him and stimulates the back of his cock head.


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