Foot Fetish, Strap-On — March 24, 2015 12:30 pm

Ass Festival

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Ass Festival

Mistress Olga whispers some sweet words of encouragement to Her ass whore, telling him they were going to try some big items in his backside and he would be begging for more and more. She spanks his ass, silhouetted in the latex, and tells him all about what is coming up for his ass. She moves to lube him up and rub his prostate a bit. She then proceeds to shove the most enormous butt plug up his ass. Once it is firmly lodged and stretching him wide, She pounds a big on the end and comes around to face the hooded and ball gagged slut to tell him how good it felt debasing his hole.

Mistress Olga now has on a huge black strap-on and Her latex clad anal slut has a monster ass plug loosening up his backside as She sits down and makes him clean Her beige high heels off with his now freed tongue. She removes the shoe and he sucks Her beautiful toes a bit before She stands and has him orally worship Her strap-on. After a suitable time humbling him She moves behind and drives it into his hole. She fucks him and he groans and his ass moves to accommodate the giant cock. She gives him a brief rest to lick Her shoes and resumes Her penetration of his back end.

The ass slut worships at Mistress Olga’s bare feet as She sits down with the giant strap-on between Her legs. She puts Her heels on and moves behind him, enjoying the increased size and weight of the giant black cock between Her long slim thighs. She entered him and he arched back and took it for Her as She leaned in and gave him more. She fucked him and then put an even bigger strap-on on and started to slap his face with it.

Mistress Olga fucks the ass slut with the larger strap-on. He is groaning and bucking a bit against it as She rocks back and forth on Her towering long legs with 6 inch heels. She is six and one half feet of feminine fury as Her giant cock reams his asshole out good. His balls are so swollen they almost rub against Her cock.

Mistress Olga has Her toes in ass slut’s mouth humiliating him when She gets an idea and grabs Her 7” stiletto heel to use in his ass. This looks very sexy but She wants to fill his ass so She puts on the third and biggest strap-on. It is gigantic. Enormous. She has Her pet on his leash and holds onto it after She has entered his hole from behind. He stretches wide and tries to accommodate his Mistress. His asshole is Hers to use as She pleases.