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Ambers Dungeon – ‘Total Control of Your Ass’

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Total Control of Your Ass

Mistress Mika plays with marco for 32 minutes and gets total control of his ass through strap-on treatment. She warms up his nipples and balls then bends him over and has her way with him before sticking a dildo up his ass and milking his cock.

Mistress Mika uses clamps on marco’s nipples as he stands spread eagled before Her. She works his nipples with the forceps and clover clamps and makes him suck a rubber cock for Her amusement. She uses a heavy leather paddle to distract him while he sucks the thick cock and then applies clothespins to his balls.

The big submissive is bent over the horse and the little dynamic blonde Mitress sticks a huge strap-on all the way up his ass. She wiggles and drills him, grabbing his hair and pulling as Her hips roll in and out. She picks up the leather strap and beats him while She fucks him. She pulls out and sticks a rotating dildo up his ass to further loosen him up. Then She uses a drilling gun to punish his ass while he is locked on his hands and knees in the iron stock.

Mistress Mika drills slave marco with the dildo gun and reams him out good. Her muscles bulge as She holds the heavy gun and makes the giant dildo at the end go faster and faster. She beats his ass with a wooden paddle and then milks his cock like a cow udder.